Immigrants have to make Sacrifices

By Vikki Mungre – Immigrant Coach

Canada is a wonderful place to migrate to and settle down. A great place to have your kids grow up in a Global Scenario with a broader perspective on many issues. A country where you will meet people from different ethnicities, culture, religion and race. Hence, Canada is open to a lot of immigration from all over the world.

What happens when you land here? Are you prepared?

You have arrived here with your life’s savings, which generally amounts to between CDN $10000 to $25000, hoping that it will be enough to support you through the first couple of years because you are going to get a job immediately or in a month or so.

Most of the Immigration, that takes place in the professional category is formed of educated, senior professionals from other parts of the world, both English and non-English speaking. Language certainly becomes a major barrier because of the accent, pronunciation, etc. Reality becomes a little clearer.

Even if you do speak English that is good enough, you do not have any of the so-called “ Canadian Experience”. So you start looking for a Job to survive and pay your bills rent, groceries, insurance and of course what you get is a Job that will pay your bills. God bless you if you have kids, then both husband and wife have to work to pay for childcare, which is almost what your spouse earns, to begin with.

It is almost a year now and your money you carried with you, is slowly dwindling away. Both are working hard, just managing to stay afloat with the bills and child care and somewhere thinking about your decision to migrate to this wonderful place on earth called Canada. Not only have you compromised and accepted a lower level job, but also you are also unable to pursue your true interests and passion. Was it worth the sacrifice?

Is there a Magic Formula to Succeed in Canada? No - there is NONE.

What can work for you is the following though:

Come here with an open mind, willing to work hard and play hard.

Sharpen your English language skills and get equivalency in your education

Better still, join a course that can help you pursue your interests career wise

Be grateful, that your family / kids will have good education and healthcare

Most Important of all, be patient for a couple of years and things will fall in place

Yes, a lot of Sacrifices have to be made before you can Taste the Sweet Fruit of Success.

Canada is most certainly a wonderful place to be.

Author's Bio: 

Those he has helped, not only in their careers, but in their lives as well, better know Vikki Mungre as the Immigrant Coach.

A seasoned Management professional with around 25 years of extensive international and local experience in diverse industries such as Logistics, Office Automation, Hospitality, Car rentals, Retail and Staffing. In the past Vikki has held executive positions such as Vice President, General Manager, and Business Unit/Country Head in areas of Marketing, Sales, Operations and Human Resources.

Currently Vikki is associated with Human Resources on Call as a Practice Lead, as an additional responsibility, specializing in the placement of intermediate to executive level professionals in Human Resources, after an extremely successful tenure of 9 + years in the parent company Controllers on Call. Specific areas he likes and enjoys working with are Recruitment, Selection, Motivation and Coaching.