Do you feel stuck? Are you looping around and around the same issue and feel hopeless? Is it with your health? Is it financial? Is it with relationships? Do you need some answers on how to get off the cycle of doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results?
Well, I have the first step of rebooting this insane pattern! The answer is your imagination. If you can visualize in your mind the feeling of what it would be like to be vibrantly healthy, or wealthy beyond belief, or madly in love then you are on your way to manifesting your dreams. If you cannot imagine your manifestation and you are riddled with doubt and disbelief, then you have just negated any potential of getting out of your cycle.
The imagination is the biggest gift that God gives us, and it can be used to move mountains! When using your imagination to get out of your rut, take 5 to 30 minutes a day to jump into your visualization. When sitting comfortably, close your eyes and see, feel, smell and touch your outcome from the end. For example If you are bed ridden and are unable to play your favorite game of tennis because you are ill, see yourself on the court now. Feel the sun, the sweat, and the sound of the ball hitting your racket. Feel how delicious it is to once again dance on the court, playing your favorite sport.
When using your imagination, it is important to assume the feelings that you claim to fulfill. If it does not feel natural or normal, then the visualization is truly a waste of time. When closing your eyes to play the “end game” it has to be in agreement with your soul and spirit. In other words it has to feel authentic with who you truly are. It has to align with your core. A good example of this would be me driving a Ferrari. Those cars make me feel very uncomfortable and my spirit feels antsy and not in agreement with those machines. I feel they are to ostentatious for my taste, so no matter how much I pray for one, it does not feel natural to my soul. Make sure it all lines up mentally, physically, emotionally, materially, and spiritually with who you are.

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Susan Foxley has been teaching and practicing yoga, life coaching, and bodywork for over eighteen years. She currently lives and works in Santa Monica, California with her teenage son Ben and has been widowed for over 12 years. She writes about her strengths and weaknesses, and overcoming adversity in her weekly blogs, and she can be contacted for hire at