You're already there.

This is perhaps one of the greatest messages of all time.

For we have taught ourselves that "happiness" or "paradise" is somewhere far from here, something we don't have and can't get to, no matter how much we want it, and no matter how hard we try. But if you've ever been depressed on a beautiful day or joyful on a rainy day, then you know that it is how we feel that determines what we see and how things look. The truth is that paradise is a thought, not a place. So if you want to make it to heaven, the trick is to realize that you're already there.

You just don't know it.

You keep waiting for the experience, all the while you keep having it.

Every human heartbeat contains a whole universe of possibilities. We already have everything we need inside each of us, but we have all lost touch with our limitless nature, mostly because of trauma, and because of what we're taught. Traumatic events, especially in childhood, cause us to shut down, and cut off our feelings when they are too overwhelming. Our genius mind/body system is designed to do exactly this in order to protect us from being shattered. And very early we learn--from our parents, schools, and religions--that some things about us are just not acceptable. We must then hide our "unacceptable" parts from the world, but we also have to hide them from ourselves. As we detach from all that we are, we soon believe that we are not enough. From there it is only a short step to believing that we don't HAVE enough.

And that has been the greatest disaster in all of human history.

What you know of the "outside world" is experienced through the prism of one central idea, that there is not enough -- not enough land, not enough nature, money, power, time. But that belief doesn't actually stem from a lack of resources--for the world is stunningly bountiful. Rather, we project our traumatized human sense of incompleteness and disconnection onto the world, and it becomes all we see. Instead of infinite, we feel small and finite. And the world reflects it back to us.

Therefore one answer to the world's problems is to stop feeling deprived.

Both you and the world are exactly as abundant as you feel. Do you want to live consciously or unconsciously? Only fear stops us from knowing ourselves. To know the truth, close your eyes, be still, and experience yourself. Resolve the trauma and internal conflicts that keep you paralyzed. Ignite the genius within. When you have reassembled all the parts of you, you will remember who you are. You will see that the only distance between you and paradise is in your ability to see it. So you're already there.

When we each individually and collectively begin to recognize our limitless nature, and allow ourselves to be it all, we will start to see a different picture: the awesome beauty and abundance in the world. Our experience of ourselves and "the world" will change. It will literally transform into a different place just by our shift in awareness and attitude. As we raise our conscious awareness of our own power, this can become our future.

There will finally be enough.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Christine Ranck is a trauma therapist in New York City, specializing in creativity and performance enhancement for professional and non-professional artists and performers. She is co-author (with Christopher Lee Nutter) of the experiential, consciousness-expanding creativity book, IGNITE THE GENIUS WITHIN, from which this article was adapted. Dr. Ranck teaches "Ignite the Genius Within (applying expanded consciousness to everyday life)" workshops all over the country. Visit