In this article, I want to share with you something you are most definitely going to have to do when changing your life, but it is something not many people actually do. In another article, I talked about the need to have a 'Gameplan' when changing your life...a plan that details what kind of life you would like to actually have, because without a plan of where you want to go, it is going to be a little tricky finding your way there.

Well, there is a problem with that, and the problem is that intellectual knowledge without practical application is not enough, it must be translated into real practice and real action to have any real effect.

So what does that mean?

It means you must take action on your plan because action is the fuel that will get you there.

Consider the sportsman who practices daily, studies every move, every technique, and visualizes winning the game and achieving sporting glory. Unless he actually gets on the pitch and into the game, his goals will always be theoretical. He will always be outside the game unless he gets in the game, and once in the game, he then has to face the challenges of playing well, and using what he has learned.

So, when it comes to changing your life, it is the same as a game. You must be in the game to play it and you must use what you have learned to play it well. Sadly, so many people sit on the sidelines, they even have an idea of their plan but they watch from the side saying things like 'I wish I could' and 'if only I could but I can't'...You Can!

In the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism (the philosophy behind Feng Shui) they have a term 'Tong Qi' which means 'Like seeks Like ~ in action'. So, if you want to attract the life you want, then you need to be in action...this is one of the key principles behind the law of attraction, and they knew it 2000 years ago.

To summarize:

Very simply, if you really want a change in life, if you want to improve your life for the better, then you must have a plan of what you want and you need to take action on that plan.

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