Quality or Quantity, what’s better? This question has always been the root cause of confusions in our mind. Whenever we are equipped with an affordable budget, we get confused about whether we should go for a quality product or many products. If I had $150, should I buy a pair of sunglasses or five different pairs of minor designer glasses? It’s a tough choice to make because I don't like to go for more sunglasses and compromise the quality because then sunglasses won't be of any use, at the same time I don't want to buy just one pair of sunglasses and invest all my budget to it. I did some browsing online to get out of this confusion, and the results I got was satisfactory. I want to share this information with all my sisters out there so that it's more comfortable for you to make a choice.
Summers begin with a lot of excitement and the beach days are back into action. Even the scorching heat cannot stop us from going outside and spending the day. Everybody needs a pair of glasses as it can prevent sun-related ailments,migraines, headaches, dry eye issuesand irritation along with blocking UVA and UVB rays, winds, specks of dust, etc. Some sources say that wearing sunglasses can be useful to avoid skin cancer too. Unwanted exposure of eyes to direct sunlight can cause many problems. Hence it is essential to wear sunglasses while going out in summers.
Big brand glasses are indeed an excellent option to choose because the quality doesn’t get compromised and the looks are alluring. The only complication is about having fewer choices when it comes to our budgeted price. If I had $150, I'd probably be able to choose from 5 to 7 options, and I’ll be able to buy just one from those, such as this Ray-Ban Classic Lady Glass which has 50’s retro style and is non-polarized but will cost me $153 which is indeed in my budget. But still, paying $150 from your pocket and using the one pair for all occasions doesn’t qualify in terms of value for money. So I decided to browse more to make a satisfactory decision.

I was researching online the other day when I came across these collections from Sojos brand. Looking at the prices I was shocked, and then I thought maybe the quality is compromised, perhaps that’s the reason they are selling it for a lower price. But amidst a lot of maybe’s, I realized the fact that all essential quality elements are included in their products. Frankly, I found their collection unique and stylish, of goodquality, and available at a pocket-friendly price of around $29.99. Rather than spending my $150 for a single pair of glasses, I found it adequate to go for these glasses. I am sharing my findings below:

The first style I picked out from the collection is called Motivation. These glasses come with anti-glare lenses and resist 100% from both UVA and UVB radiations. It also filters out sunlight reflected glare and protects your eyes from any UV damage. Its available on the site with eight different range of combined colors of frames and lenses. Looks stunning with a round shaped face and the style is perfect for occasions like holidays. Its available for a price of just $13.99 at here.

These oversized square sunglasses look classy. It includes anti-glare lenses and resists both UVA and UVB radiations to 100%. It also protects your eyes from any UV damage by filtering out sunlight reflected glare too. These glasses offer sevendifferent ranges of combined colors of frames and lenses. It goes well with a star-shaped face.You can pick this one while going out for carnivals on a sunny weekend or so. This one is also available for $13.99 here.

I loved these 70’s style shaped glasses. Absolutely beautiful design and givesa casual outgoing look. These glasses offer five different ranges of frames, lenses, and colorsand look stunning with an oval-shaped face.It works perfectlyfor a lazy summer afternoon being spent on the beach. This one is also available for $13.99 at here.

This one seemed like the ideal fit for a happy go lucky mood for the jolly sisters who are always active, full of energy and ready to jump off from the ground. The style is unique with an ear-shaped cat frame which eventually gives it a cute outlook as the name suggests. Quality has not been compromised at all. This one is available online in 3 colors which include Gradient grey, Brown and Silver mirrored. Looks fantastic on with an oblong-shaped face and will go for occasions like a girl’s day out, sightseeing or probably a date. This one is available for $29.99 at here.

These glasses depict sophistication and bring out a classy look. The style is more of a princess or queen from early ’90s. The lenses made me remember movie stars from vintage classical movies which had an elegant and sophisticated outfit. The quality of these sunglasses is superb as it gives full coverage to the eyes and protects from dust particles. It is available online in 3 colors which include Black, Grey, and Brown. Looks stupendous with a diamond-shaped face and will go for occasions like art summits and parties. These glasses are available for $29.99 at here.

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Beethy Chakma