The law of attraction has become THE buzzword in the last several years through the books and trainings of Esther and Jerry Hicks, Mike Dooley’s work, the movie “The Secret” and others. But it has been around a very long time. Charles Haanel wrote his book “The Master Key System” in 1912, and Wallace D. Wattles, wrote his book “The Science of Getting Rich” in 1910. And way before that, most spiritual texts, including the bible, speak of prayer and focusing on what it is you desire, believing that it will manifest. Dream boards are one of the tools of this spiritual law and manifestation tool.

There is a part of the brain called the reticular activating system. This is the part of your brain that affects the sleep/awake cycle, arousal (mental) and also where you place your attention. The brain is bombarded throughout the day with sounds, sights, sensations, smells, etc. and your brain decides what to focus on. Quantum physics has demonstrated that our DNA has various programs imbedded in it and what we focus on will keep being produced in our bodies and lives. We essentially keep those programs turned on, and because our brain likes similarity, our brain will continue to notice those symptoms in our body and situations in our lives. We are thus programming our lives as a computer programmer programs a computer. However, we can also “turn on” other programs in our DNA, by choosing to focus our attention on something different, and then we begin to literally “gather evidence” that matches that choice. Those changes can now show up in our bodies and lives.

Hypnotherapy, NLP, goal setting, EFT (emotional freedom technique), One Commands, visualization, affirmations and other mind/body therapies use this information to shut down the unwanted brain setting that has been focusing on what we don’t want and then re-setting the brain and unconscious to focus on what we desire.

I like dream boards and variations of it, because they place your goals and desires in your view, and pictures help elicit more of an emotional response vs. just the words in a written affirmation or goal. It is recommended that you view your dream boards for several minutes twice a day. I like to use EFT tapping while looking at my dream boards, and you can also use one of the “stress release tools” on my website, to help focus your attention and defuse any subconscious blocks you may have to manifesting your desires. You can find them at

So here’s quick and easy steps for creating your dream boards:

1. Figure out what you want, how you want to feel, what you want to do
and ask yourself “What is important about that?”. Continue to ask
that question to get to the deepest value that you are looking for such
as freedom, joy, relaxation, health, peace, and fulfillment.

2. Find pictures that depict those conditions, situations, relationships, objects, places, feelings and/or type and print out or write words that define and describe them as well. Remember to ad pictures of yourself.

3. Gather poster board, poster paper, cardboard, or whatever base you’d
like to use, a glue stick or poster tape, glitter, stickers, markers, color-
ful wrapping paper, whatever you’d like for decorations. Let yourself
play with the arrangement, paying attention to the emotions you are
feeling as you put this dream board together. You want to create a
dream board that lifts you up, places you IN the picture, as if you are
living it all NOW!!.

4. If you notice limiting thoughts or emotions coming up when you look at
your dream board, you can use One Commands, EFT, the tools on my website or any other mind/body technique to clear and defuse it and align yourself with your dreams!

Dream boards have traditionally been made of poster board, tag board, poster paper, using pictures cut out from magazines or newspapers, brochures and advertisements. I have also used the online dream board tools on and, Mike Dooley’s website, but in doing a search there are many other online options available. I enjoyed them but prefer the “hard copy” ones that I can place on my walls. I have enjoyed the resource of finding pictures online to gather on a page and print out, and typing up words that describe feelings I’d like to have, places I’d like to travel to, situations I am desiring to manifest.

I have purchased greeting cards that picture places I’d like to be and put them up on my walls, tropical decorations from party stores to hang on my walls, made posters of words like “BELIEVE”, “TRUST”, “JOY, printed them out and hung them on mirrors as well as writing words on my mirror to read as I look at my face in the mirror. I even travel with the word “Yes” on my steering wheel, to remind myself that yes, I am supported, yes, I can manifest my dreams, saying yes to life and being open.

I have typed out desired itineraries, placed a series of pictures of where I’d like to travel to, starting with a picture of my car and me, then placing arrows and pictures to create a visual of this journey. I have printed out brochures from workshops I’d like to take and glued them to bright poster board. The important thing is to clearly depict pictures and words that create an emotional response, and show how you’d like to feel, what you’d like to have or be doing in your life.

Another option I have used and enjoy is putting pictures in a photo
album. I like this because when you look at photo albums they are pictures of things that have already happened and this is how you want to feel, as if these things and conditions you’ve pictured have already manifested in your life! You can have a different page for each part of your life such as, spirituality, career, relationship, health, finances, family, etc.

One time I had placed the words “gemstone necklaces” on one of my dream boards. I forgot about it, even though I would walk by the dream board on my wall every day. Awhile later, I found myself in a steady trade with a woman who made beaded hair barrettes. At one point, I didn’t want any more barrettes and she suggested that I might like these various gemstone necklaces she also sold. After acquiring several of these during our trades, I looked at my dream board and laughed, realizing that I had manifested this particular goal without even being conscious of doing so!!

The other thing I have been playing with lately is “mind movies”. I had received an email offering six free mini mind movies, on different topics, with music, slides of affirmations and slides of pictures, essentially being a movie dream board. After watching these for a few days I decided that I should figure out how to make my own and found Microsoft Moviemaker on my computer and have made two so far.

I found various pictures online, saved them in a folder, wrote out a script using One Commands (, and affirmations, then created slides with the commands and affirmations, interspersed them with the various pictures, added music, effects and transition effects and now watch them daily, too. There is a website, www.onetruemedia, that offers free tools to make your own mini movies, too. Of course you can also go to and they sell a kit for making mind movies, too.

Whatever technique you choose, have fun, relax , enjoy the process, savor the journey and allow your dreams to come to you! If you have any questions or results to share, please contact me at Happy Dreaming!

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Katelon T. Jeffereys has been an intrepid and passionate explorer on the path of spirituality since early childhood. Undaunted by growing up aware of a world that many denied, she has pursued her prayer for a world of peace, harmony, love and light for all. She has been a wellness therapist, life coach and teacher for over 31 years, trained in 15 mind/body/spiritual therapies that enhance her innate wisdom and memories from other lives, and her ongoing study in energy medicine and other modalities. Katelon has years of experience working with both adults and children, in schools, small and large businesses and in private practice. She is honored to be a midwife in their journey to living their highest manifestations. Learn more about Katelon and her work at