How many times has someone asked you what you want to do tonight and you say, “ I don’t know? its up to you.” How many times has someone asked you where you want to go for lunch and you say, “I don’t care, where ever you want to go is fine”. But then, when they decide for you and you’re disappointed because you were really hoping they would pick another place or a different activity.

It is a simple decision they are offering you to make because they want you to enjoy what ever the activity is. They are giving you the power but instead you defer the power back to them. But you already had a preference so why in that situation do we not want to just take charge?

It is because of two reasons and two reasons only.

Fear and comfort.

There is a fear that we will make the wrong decision. That somehow if the activity or the restaurant is not fun, it will be our fault. It is easier to let someone else take charge because it is safe. It is comfortable.

You can complain about the government, your boss, your spouse. You can complain about how your life looks and why nothing goes your way. It is fun and easy to do but what does it do for you? What are you telling the world around you?

People that love to complain are the same people that won’t take charge. They are afraid to make mistakes so it is more comfortable to watch others make decision for them. We have all see it. The co-worker who knows everything, has all the right answers, but never steps up to the plate.

This type of fear allows others to take charge of your life. Take charge of your financial well being. Take charge of your time. Many of us never even realize that it is happening. I didn’t realize it was happening to me. I thought that I could only have what was given to me. I didn’t understand that I was giving my power away.

This is what Your Invincible Power- - is all about. It is about taking charge of your time, your financial well being, your place in life. It is about recognizing the factors that brought you to the life you are living and all the amazing possibilities that you can achieve once you remove these factors.

It is like a light bulb moment once you become aware of the false fears and mental hurdles that are present in your decision making. As you start to see how these play a factor in your life it becomes clear that you have been comfortable giving away Your Invincible Power and you no longer want to let it go.

When this happens life takes on a whole new meaning. The picture of your future life is painted with wonderful and spectacular things and experiences. There is an excitement that takes hold with a strong grip. The energy is so high that it soars. At that moment you are invincible.

No longer will you pass up the opportunity to make decisions. No longer will the fear of mistakes let you miss out on what you really want to experience. No longer will you give away your power. This is how Your Invincible Power works. It is these results that you will gain. It is the awaking to the belief.

The belief in yourself. Knowing that you can do what you believe and focus on doing.

Learn more about Your Invincible Power- -and see the endless possibilities.

Author's Bio: 

W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books and training programs to assist you in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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