If manifesting seems completely beyond reach, not to worry; what you need to do is figure out exactly what may be blocking your path to attracting your wants and go ahead and fix it!

Manifesting is not impossible to achieve; whilst some people find it really difficult others find it equally as easy. Manifesting is a time tested and proven science that does require you to go through a simple process to make things work; once you do that even if manifesting seems tough right now, everything will soon click into place.

Remember when you were a small child and really set your sights on something? Most times you actually got it, didn't you? Ok, obviously your parents played a big part in that, and of course, saving up from your pocket money helped too, but when it comes down to it, you still got what you'd set your heart on.

If you fast forward to the days of being a so called mature adult, getting your hands on things as easy as you did when you were a young child doesn't seem so easy does it? So what's the difference between being an innocent child and being able to manifest anything you want, and being a grown-up adult and struggling with manifesting?

The simple answer to that is that as you've grown and matured your blind faith and trust has gradually been taken away by society. The belief and trust you had as a child in the Law of Attraction has gone; leaving you with a sense of mistrust and lack of faith after so many years of 'brain-washing' and mind programming.

So what you need to try to manage now is to recapture that child-like faith and belief in the Law of Attraction once again. If that can be managed then you will soon start manifesting those dreams and wants into reality rather than just having a pile of nice but meaningless dreams. Go back to the times of 'what you see you can have' and having total belief.

If that sounds a bit too easy
y to you, then don't worry. All you need do is to alter your attitude to 'wishing and hoping' by shifting your mindset and subconscious mind into wanting to accept new changes in your life instead of rejecting them.

Vision boards are powerful tools that will help your manifesting. You see, a vision board has been shown time and time again to help you get the Law of Attraction work for you in the way you want it too, instead of seemingly working against you.

Using vision boards ensures that you follow the required process involved with successful manifesting - Even such master thinkers as Bob Proctor and John Assaraf believe in them. You may recall Bob and John from their works with The Secret by Rhonda Byrne back in 2006.

Make no mistake; vision boards can literally guarantee successful manifesting. If you saw The Secret or read the book, no doubt you will recall how John Assaraf manifested the house that he lives in to this day by using a vision board; that was not a house that looked similar, but the exact one!

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