This summer has been particularly momentous for me. As you know, I’ve been passionately finishing up my next book, And Then I Met Margaret. The creation of this book has been an incredibly reflective and enriching process, but it has by no means been all smooth sailing and sunshine.

During the course of my writing odyssey I have been tested by life. My less-than-perfect response to a particular incident prompted deep personal reflection. Without getting into the sensitive details of the event, there is one thing I will share with you about myself: I’ve read a lot of books and attended a lot of seminars. I’ve given a lot of seminars and written a few books. And my hasty response to this test inspired me to ask; if only, I always practiced what I preached!

Have you ever questioned how you live your life from day to day? Here are three circumstances that I’d have responded to differently…. If I always practiced what I preach:

Circumstance # 1: A driver in front of me was making an illegal left turn, backing up traffic. I honked angrily as I flew around him in my car. If I always practiced what I preached, I would patiently and calmly maneuver around his car, reminding myself that conquest of one of my reactive tendencies is always a personal victory.

Circumstance # 2: I scowled when I handed the grocery clerk a twenty and she gave me change for a ten. If I always practiced what I preached, I would politely point out the error to the clerk, while asking myself, “Do I really want the agitated emotion that comes with being a harsh judge?”

Circumstance # 3: I scraped the skin off the back of my hand while rushing to put a suitcase in the trunk of my car. If I always practiced what I preached, I would slow down, stay in the moment, while reminding myself of what I most value – enjoying my life, not rushing through it.

My aspiration is to share 1,000 of these with you, with the hope that you all will share a 1,000 with me, so that every one of us may learn more about ourselves. Let’s get started today. Share a moment in your life, no matter how small or large, how you would have responded differently to… If, only, you always practiced what you preached!

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