It is true for all of us, there are times when S..T happens. It is how we respond to it that counts.

I love to play golf. The golf course is such a window on life and an insight into the people who play the game. Spend four hours plus with a seemingly intelligent and balanced human being, let them put on a "Tiger Woods Casual" outfit (Tiger wears shorts when not playing tour events), put them in a beautiful setting and arm them with a club(s), little stationary ball and an objective to get the club(s) to direct the ball into a 4 inch hole with the least swings possible! WOW! I don't know how many upstanding people I've seen turn into raging, cursing demonic beings who beat themselves (and sometimes others) up because they can't emulate Tiger. Man have I seen a lot of this lately. And many of them carry the resentment caused by their human frailty with them....a big resentment!

True in golf, but also true in many other aspects of life.

Perhaps "justifiable" resentment is the trickiest of all to handle. As in, "He talked in the middle of my backswing."

It's the end product of "righteous" anger, after long cherishing, and if it is allowed to continue, it will slowly undermine our defences against responsible behaviour!
Even if we have been treated shabbily or unjustly, resentment is a luxury that, as functional people, we cannot afford.

For us, all anger is self-destructive.

Thought to Ponder . . .Anger rules nothing except itself.

While I am a golf nut who truly enjoys the beauty and sociability of the game, think on this example and how it may parallel in aspects of your life. As a former hot head whose resentments played a big role in my hitting a wall, I have truly learned to enjoy the good things in life and not carry garbage around with me. If you owned a property, would you let tenants live in there without paying rent?

We all have reasons to get POed! It's how we deal with the resentments that have a major role in how much enjoyment we get out of life! Something to think about!

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