I started out with

When inspiration strikes, you just have to go with it. I believe that. I
have been thinking of a great message to pass on to my fellow readers
and clients. I woke up this morning to find an article that I was immediately attracted to read. Now, you should know that as a Teacher and a Coach, I am constantly looking for information about human tendencies and what makes people do things and react to things, etc. Well, I was reading an article about world-renowned and celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking, where he states that Earth may not be habitable after a certain point (that may be sooner to come than we think) and that human survival may depend on humans inhabiting space. I found this very interesting and as I kept clicking on link after link from the article, I was taken to a website all about Stephen Hawking and who this incredibly accomplished man is.

Who Stephen Is

At the risk of sounding like a giddy fan, I think Stephen Hawking's contributions to the field of physics and science are stupendous. Not only has he been perfecting his craft and field of study for around 30-plus years, he currently occupies the same post at Cambridge University once occupied by Sir Isaac Newton (yes, THE Sir Isaac Newton). But I digress.

What is even more fascinating is that this is someone who has been battling
Lou Gehrig's disease for decades and only has the use of one muscle in his
right cheek which he uses to communicate with a computer. Regardless, his
focus on not only his ground-breaking work, but also his family are so exemplary.

What Stephen Teaches Us About Human Behavior

At any given time, a person can look at their situation and circumstances in
a positive or negative way by what aspect they choose to focus on. Now, I'm
not saying that everything in your life (or mine for that matter) are perfect, but I believe there is something to learn from someone who does not allow a completely debilitating disease to lick him completely.

So Many Examples...

There are so many examples of people out there with all the beauty, money,
love and riches in the world who felt such unhappiness that they killed themselves with drugs and/or other things.
Elvis Presley, John Belushi and Kurt Cobain to name a few. Now I'm not saying that these people didn't perhaps have their own demons. They may very well have. Not to oversimplify a person's plight, but I believe that there is some beauty in being able to work past the difficulties and do one’s best to focus on something good, even in the midst of sometimes devastating situations. I know it's not easy, but we can train ourselves to do

This March Break...

As a Teacher, I am acutely aware that this coming week is March Break, and so I will challenge you to take some time to reflect on how lucky you are
to have whatever good you have in your life. You can enjoy the fact that at any point in your lives, you can still make changes to your health, wealth and relationships, with the help of some simple goals (and that you follow
through with them).

My Own Personal Lesson

Mr. Hawking said something in his interview with Diane Sawyer that I think
is pretty incredible and something I know I will take away with me. He said that work (but not just any work, your Life's Work) and those you love, give you meaning to your life.

This really resonated with me and one should always look for any opportunity to really pursue WITH PASSION what their life's work is because it’s important to spend your time on this Earth doing what you genuinely love and to contribute something to society that is genuinely meaningful to YOU!

Question for my readers: Do you believe you are doing your life's work, or
is there something else out there that you know would fulfill you to a
deeper level?

I’d love to hear from you!


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Christine Topjian is Founder and CEO of LearnToday.ca, an organization dedicated to the Empowerment of people everywhere, through Successful Goal-Setting.