This week’s radio show topic is about something we can all relate to and that is stress. We talked about what causes stress and techniques for relieving it in the moment.

Regina Ann who is a Transformation Coach works with clients who are often under stress where she helps them to identify the root cause which is normally some kind of fear. Once they pin point that fear and realize it’s the source of the stress they can begin to effectively deal with it. She says “Fear is false evidence appearing real. Fear is something that looks real but isn’t and once you realize that you can start moving past it”.

She has actually seen many of her clients sabotage themselves by turning what they fear into a self-fulfilling prophecy. “What you focus on you attract”. What amazes me is how many people I see attract crappy situations in their lives but can’t understand or even believe that they can totally attract what they want as well.

I added that we feel stress because of our perception of the situation at the time. We have stress and anxiety because there is a fear of what might happen or worry over things that may go wrong.

This ties into a big concept of “It Doesn’t Matter You’re Gonna Die” and that is most of the things you fear will happen won’t ever become reality and if they do, they are for your higher good in the form of lessons learned and perhaps will even spin you in a different direction so that you can get on the right path. This also goes back to putting labels of “good” or “bad”, “positive” and “negative” on events in our life, those are labels we put on things because we don’t have the proper perspective. We need to learn how to simply experience things and realize they just are. I shared a good story about the time I was sued for everything and actually had US Marshals bang down my door. This story is a perfect illustration of how the perspective I had at the time made me think I was in a crappy situation, but in reality it ended up being a blessing in disguise. However, I needed the future to play out to gain that new perspective.

We also played the 7 principles of Tim Cornett which is one of the most powerful self-help pieces every created. We also tried to help a couple callers with their problems and gave what some would call “questionable” advice. We thought at one point a female caller killed herself. Ooops.

You’ll have to listen to the show to find out what happened:

You can connect with our expert guest here: Regina Ann at ResonanceHealing.blogspot dot com.

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