Do you call your anger by another name, perhaps, upset, frustration, worry? We can associate anger issues with men, we can see the aggression and although women are capable of being physically aggressive too, it seems that we focus this rage inward. Anger is a valid emotion and failing to express it or find a release for it only causes problems in the long run. Is your anger causing a stress inside you?

With hypnotherapy and NLP you can learn to challenge this feeling and begin to see yourself as how you want to be. Calmer, more at ease and better able to express yourself in a better way. If you feel you are being taken advantage of because you do not say anything - what is the overall feeling for you? If you are a mother and work, then there is always pressure to be "perfect". If you are single and working, there are different pressures. If you are a stay at home mom, you will have your own set of pressures. You may feel anger at yourself for not being able to say "no" to those who put demands on you.

Anger management for women is about being able to express yourself so that you are not only listened to but heard. And doing this in a way that makes you feel empowered rather than exhausted. It is about owning the piece of ground that you stand on. The major benefit of hypnosis is the relaxation is gives to your mind and body which have been on consent alert. By reducing the side effects of the stress response you find that your pains, aches and tension headaches are reduced and the foggy head is more clear. This is coming from a power place inside yourself - your mind.

If you find anger is an issue for you, then consider hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help to change at the subconscious mind level as this is where all our habits and responses are stored. You need to look at the situations, places and people you make you feel angry and come up with a solution that they are no longer triggers for you. This can be done with hypnosis, a relaxed state in which you are fully aware but more interested in what is going on inside you, to break old patterns of behaviour and re-establish new ones which have a positive benefit for you.

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Zita Stanley is a hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner in Dublin City Centre. She has appeared in various health shows on Irish TV and written various publications. She can be contacted at