From controlling emotions to enhancing sexual desire, our sense of smell can lead the way!

How much attention do you give to your sense of smell? As a society long obsessed with sight and sound, historically we've paid little attention to this powerful sense. Now thanks to olfactory research, further motivated by the wide usage of aromatherapy scents [],
the power of the human sense of smell is finally being acknowledged in the Western World for the power it wields.

New medical research, motivated by health-conscious baby boomers, demonstrates the power of the human sense of smell to evoke memories, enhance moods and improve sexual desire and pleasure.

Scent therapy brings technology and nature together, blending high tech scent molecules with the essential oils as used in aromatherapy scents. A transparent patch the size of a thumbnail is then infused with this aromatic blend. The user places the patch on his or her wrist so that it may conveniently and discreetly smelled whenever controlling emotions [] and enhancing moods is desired.

On another side of the scent sensory explosion, we are assaulted by highly artificial fragrances, which are added to almost everything from cleaning product to diapers. Many of the ingredients for these products are agitators. On top of this, and in spite of the research that tells us of the power of smell in sexual desire, we cover up our natural scents with perfumes, colognes and deodorants also made from such ingredients.

The downside to using so many of these fragrances in our environment and on ourselves is that they add up to scent pollution. We are becoming overwhelmed with all these fragrances wafting through our environments. For this reason, many offices and schools now ban perfumes and colognes.

It's true that all smells are chemicals, whether produced by a plan or a lab technician. One of the problems is that what smells pleasant to one person may be nauseating to another. Another problem is that the large volume of lab created chemicals add to the pollution of our home environment.

Responding to this 'No Scents Makes Good Sense’ campaign, The Sense of Smell (SOS) Lab has taken a proactive role in creating scent products that release their therapeutic aromas directly under the nose of the user.

Unlike perfumes and colognes worn directly on the body, the discreet, aromatherapy type patches created by the SOS Lab, do not waft fragrances under the noses of everyone who is in nearby range of the user.
“It’s more personal than perfume,” says Linda Ryan, president of SOS Lab. “These scents are for you and you only."

As our sense of smell is finally recognized for the powerful role it plays as a mood enhancer, and scent therapy [] offers an intelligent use of this power.

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Luke Vorstermans is the founder of The Sense of Smell Lab, a world leader in the development of innovative products that use our sense of smell to influence behavior, trigger memories, manage cravings, enhance moods and improve sexual health. Learn more about enhancing your emotional health at:

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