Our brain is an electrochemical organ, it can produce as much as 10 watts electricity. Depending in each situation, brainwaves can classify in 4 classes.
1. When the brain actively involve in mental activity, it produces beta wave
2. When the brain is in relaxation and non active situation, it produces alpha wave
3. When the person takes time off from work or just wakes up in the morning and still under spell of night dreaming and starts day dreaming, the brain produces theta wave
4. When the person goes into sleep or deep sleep. the brain produces delta wave
There are certain ranges of the brainwaves and it must produce according to certain situations. Any health problem or nervous disorder caused by what ever reason will distort the brain in reaction to certain situation resulting in sickness and lessening the effectiveness of it's function as central controller of the human body.
Binaural frequency harmonics generates 2 separate frequency waves which are introduced to each ear independently. Depending what type of treatments, it helps the brain to produce the third frequency causing the shift of consciousness that helps to put you in the proper state, thereby helping to improve and treat certain health problem caused by nervous tension. There are many health problem can be treated with binaural frequency harmonics.

1. Weight loss
Weight control is a big problem in North America, there are many programs around with some successes. Since there are many problem causing weight gain, depending to each individual situation, binaural frequency harmonics helps to shift your consciousness to your individual need resulting in increasing the much higher successful rate in weigh loss.

2. Insomnia
It helps your brain stimulate the necessary melatonin hormone produced by the brain resulting in treating symptom of sleeplessness.

3. Food, Tobacco, alcohol and other craving
Self hypnosis is the first choice for binaural frequency harmonics by putting the patient in hypnosis state it helps to control the craving. Some patient took the treatment may experience the negative feeling to the bad habits resulting in complete eliminate the need for medicine.

4. Hormone imbalance
In this case, depending on the need of each individual, it helps to stimulate certain hormone and reduce the extra production of the others resulting in restoring the hormone balancing in the body.

5. Relaxation
It helps to relieve the patient stress by introducing your brain with pre stress recordings that release the tension of the patient entire body by simply and gently shifting of brainwaves and guiding the patient to state of harmony.

6. Anxiety
It helps to chase away the negative feeling and restore the positive consciousness as resulting in lessing the symptom of anxiety.

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