Yossi Ghinsberg survived under the harshest of conditions in the Amazon jungle for 3 weeks on his own during the rainy season. He was given up for dead, there was no way a native person could have survived let along a gringo! Well Yossi survived and thrives today due to his experience out there in the jungles of the Amazon. Yossi's exotic experience allowed him to become a creature of the jungle and because of this was able to learn from the forest the secrets of survival. We can take these lessons he learned and apply them to any situation in our life, no matter how bad, to ensure that we also survive and thrive.

(Due to the depth of content, these lessons will be presented over severalarticles each day)

Lesson 2: Co-operate by Creating your own Niche

Yossi became like another creature in the jungle and through those eyes he learned that in the jungle everybody thrives. There is plenty for everyone. The Amazon jungle makes up 4% of the planet yet holds 50% of the world's species and no species goes hungry. That led Yossi to ask 'How can this be so?' How can 50% of the world's species live in that area and thrive?'

It is because it is a true interdependent and interconnected ecosystem. There is no sense of separation, the greater good harmonises all. In the Amazon there is no competition but rather co-operation; this is why they thrive. We base our society on the limiting thought of competition. I must compete, fight for and tear down others to get what I want as there is not enough for me. Scarcity of resources is just an illusion, an illusion that drives us to take what we can for ourselves and trample all over our own species and all others in the process. Just stop to take a look at the world around you, it's a cut- throat world with 'me' at the center of it, driving all actions.

There is harmonious abundance that exists on our planet. There is abundance for all to share. Co-operation therefore makes much better sense, we have no need to compete when there is ample for everyone. In the jungle species co-operate and thrive by bringing their own special quality to the ecosystem. Each species creates it's own special niche. In doing this it fits perfectly into the jungle, it contributes and so it gets to share in the abundance. This is how it thrives. In it's own special niche it does not have to compete.

Create your own niche and bring your strengths to life. Your uniqueness is the core of your strength it is not a weakness. Find your own unique gifts and share them with all, after all this is why you are here. This is the best strategy because then no-one can compete with you or be better than you, for you are unique. You need to find your niche and express what is so unique and special about you. Please don't tell me there is nothing special about you to share. That is so bogus. You did not come here to hide yourself under a hole or remain slumped across a couch. You came here to contribute you for the betterment of all in your own unique way.

If you feel you have nothing worthwhile to share then you need to spend some time working on you, to find your special uniqueness, your niche. Humans are part of the ecosystem, yet we separate ourselves from it. It's time for us to learn to specialize and co-operate so that not only we can thrive but all species can. There is unlimited abundance, there is enough for us all to share co-operatively and harmoniously.

Now more than ever we need to start working co-operatively so that we can all share in the unlimited abundance of the Universe. If you have just recently lost your job or house then get excited for you now have an opportunity to change that. Life has thrust you out of your comfort zone and is challenging you to find your niche and thrive. You must start with you. Take the time to work on yourself and discover what it is that is unique about you and what your niche is. It doesn't matter what field you are in and how many others are doing it, you can create your own special niche and thrive. It's all about finding your purpose, that is what you came here to do, that is your niche. When you live life on purpose, you thrive and so do the many others you impact as a result.

Find a community of people who are committed to helping you thrive in your niche. I'm so fortunate to have a business filled with people who I can turn to at any given moment for advice, support and inspiration. A community of people who want to share all they know about being successful and co-operate to make you just as successful.

Commit to yourself and your ecosystem today, to find your niche and survive and thrive.

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