So far we have learned through Yossi's jungle experience that change is the nature of life and adaptation to change is the essence of survival. We have also learned that there is unlimited abundance for all on our planet and the best way to share in that is by cooperating and creating your own niche to express your unique talents.

(Due to the depth of content, these lessons will be presented over several articles.)

Lesson 3: Chase Your Fears

Yossi Ghinsberg knows what it's like to chase your fears. He was confronted with them daily in the jungle. Being lost, having to find food, water, shelter and dealing with the abundant wildlife. At one stage of his journey after not having eaten for days he came across a plum on a rock. It was the most delicious thing he had ever eaten. He looked up and saw more of them on the tree. He obviously wanted more and so climbed the tree to pick some. However he soon found himself face to face with one of the most dangerous snakes in the jungle. It's bite would leave you dead in a minute.

Yossi in an instant had to decide to run from his fears out of that tree forever or to not just face his fears but to chase them. He chose to chase them. He jumped down from the tree, grabbed a tree branch, jumped back in the tree, swung and hit the snake out of the tree, jumped back down and smashed it's back, killing it. He then picked up the snake peeled off it's skin and ate it.

In that moment he felt immense power, he felt truly alive. He felt life pulsating through his body and he knew that within him existed an incredible power. He knew that the power was there all the time and by chasing his fears and living fully in the moment he could use that power to deal with any situtaion no matter how harrowing. In that moment of fear chasing, Yossi's life changed, it had new meaning and he understood inherently more about surviving and thriving.

He could have ran from the snake, from the fear. If he had of he would never have come to this realization. He never would have experienced the true power and essence of life and he probably never would have survived. Yossi discovered that 'If you walk towards your fear, you are alive. It is so liberating. Thank the fear as it shows you the way.'

How many times have you not done something because you have been afraid? What have you missed out on because of it? As Franklin D. Roosevelt said 'The only thing to fear is fear itself.' What fears are you running from today? Are you afraid of losing your job or house? Are you afraid of not having enough money for your retirement? Are you afraid to take on a new business opportunity because you might fail? Stop, turn around and chase them back. You'll wonder what you were truly afraid of. You'll discover a better life if you do.

Turn fear into a friend, use it as a guide. When you walk towards it, the fear melts away. You will find true power within yourself and be liberated. If you turn from it you make the fear real, it will become a shadow and chase you forever.

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