Procrastination can be the hardest part about starting your quit smoking program. Procrastination hypnosis can be just the thing you need to really cement the concept in your conscious and subconscious mind. There are many tools and programs available for you to help you in your progress, so stop procrastinating!

Most importantly, set a date to start your program, and stick to it. It’s too easy to fall into the “I'll definitely do it later" mentality. But, trust me, you’ll feel better about yourself, healthier, and more accomplished and confident if you follow through diligently.

Hypnosis is an excellent way to keep your willpower strong. If you really desire to stop smoking, do it now! You have plenty of time to procrastinate later. So, get your head in gear, align your mind and body, and get ready to expand your awareness to accept a life without nicotine.

Find a Comfortable Space
An excellent way to follow through on your program is to set aside a comfortable space for your hypnotic sessions. Not only does this reinforce in your mind that, "This is really going to happen," but it also creates a physical "safe spot" for you to deal with your withdrawals.

Doing the work to set up a good space (physically and mentally) for you to go to will also motivate and excite you to start your program sooner.

Record Affirmations to Stop Procrastination
Something I like to do is record myself reciting a short hypnotic induction or a series of positive affirmations. It might be best to personalize one for yourself, but, to get you started, feel free to use the following:

“Breathe deeply, now. Relax. Feel your body entering a safe space. Take your time and just wait until it clicks now. It just clicks and you can tell that your mind and body are relaxed and aware. Breathe. Listen to your heart.

Pay attention to your body as you imagine a time in your life when it felt really amazing to accomplish something. You could feel it about something incredible in your life, or even the most mundane task. You can feel it whenever you want.

Remember the excitement you felt when you couldn’t wait to do something that you knew would make you feel so amazing. You could feel so amazing, and deep inside yourself you knew that you deserved to feel it because you felt a sense of pride, a sense of warmth, and a glow that you just can’t help but radiate from within.

It’s filling your body as you breathe.

Notice how, when you really set your mind to do something, that your body just thrills with positive anticipation, like you’re on the starting line of a race and you hear the starting gun fire or see the green light. It’s like you’re really there. You just go. And your mind is focus with pinpoint clarity. And your body just bursts off the starting line with incredible speed.

Your body feels light, like it’s flying, and warm. You feel your breath pumping clean, crisp oxygen through your whole body. Your heart beats this amazing, electric feeling through your blood as you breathe deeper and deeper. Your body just keeps moving forward, the ground underneath you flying by.

And your body takes over. You know that it knows what to do, because your subconscious mind guides it, just the way it guides your breath and your heartbeat. It becomes just another reflex to feel this way when you really want to feel free from old habits, when you really, positively, and absolutely must do something good for yourself, right now.

And, as you cross that finish line, you feel free with all the positive motion of your body—that free, flying feeling. Free from bad habits. Free from stress. Free from anxiety.

You’ve chosen to be free, welcoming all the positive choices that have, and will, bring a new sense of awareness, a new sense of self, a feeling of progress and accomplishment rewarding you for all the love and self-respect that you can and will attain. You feel that rush of happiness and love racing through you as everyone in the crowd stands and cheers you on.”

Remember to deliver the lines with a slow, calm voice.

Follow Through and Don’t Give Up
Set some time aside to listen to your recording. Remind yourself of all the positive things that you’re inviting into your life. Remain diligent in your motivation to follow through on your goals. The sooner you stop procrastinating, the sooner you can start to feel absolutely great about yourself and your accomplishment!

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