Meditation is a great way to eliminate stress, reduce anxiety and create more peace in your life. It helps you connect to your inner being, and to a much higher source of power. Though some may view the practice as ‘new age’, it’s actually pretty old school. It’s been used by some of the most brilliant minds in history, including Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison, and has been scientifically proven to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 15%.

It’s also pretty easy to master once you get a little practice under your belt.

Here’s how you do it:

Find the right time and setting: Meditation is all about forgetting the physical world around you and turning inward. To do this, you need a quiet setting with a comfortable place to sit. Make sure you’re not hold or cold, and that you’re wearing comfortable clothing. Basically, you’re trying to eliminate anything that might distract you or pull you out of the trance like state that occurs during meditation.

You also want to pick a time of day that best allows you to empty your mind and relax. Most people find that early morning, before you start your day, or just before bed, provide the best opportunity. By creating a meditation space, and then returning to that place in the future, it will make it easier to get back into that state of mind.

Clear Your Mind: This is the step most people struggle with. After all, we live in a world that never stops! We’ve conditioned ourselves to do the same. Our mind is always working, making to do lists, mulling over issues… But it‘s only in silence that you can explore who you truly are, and connect to a higher power. Silence is where you can recharge your batteries, eliminate doubt and depression, and reconnect with your inner voice. Meditation is one of the best ways to tap into that silence, to get into that space between your thoughts.

To get there, first start taking deep long breaths in and out. As you breathe out, relax your muscles and imagine yourself getting lighter each time you exhale. You can choose to focus on an object, like a candle flame or you can close your eyes and try to envision an object, like a star, to hold constant. You want to empty your mind and get into a state where you’re no longer aware of your physical body. This takes practice. If you find your mind wandering, just refocus your attention.

Be Still and Let Go: Once you’ve achieved this state, you have a choice. You can simply sit quietly, and let the peace and power of the universe merge with you. You can also use a mantra, which is helpful for beginners. For instance, many people say Om, pronounced A-U-M, accenting each syllable.

An interesting experience tends to happen when you get in the habit of meditation. It’s almost as if your mind separates in 2. You gain the ability to see your emotions and thoughts as separate from who you are. When this occurs, you realize that you have a choice. You can choose to give energy to the thoughts and emotions you want to keep – the ones that are helpful for growth - and simply discard, or withdraw energy, from the negative ones holding you back.

Meditation should be practiced on a regular basis. The benefits you receive by doing so are immeasurable. It awakens your soul, energizes your spirit, and brings you back to yourself.

To Your Success,
Nathan Amaral

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