One of the best resources I have found for all types of great information and Medicare Extra Help is the Medicare Rights Center. They are a national, nonprofit consumer service organization. With nearly 45 million people on Medicare they are there to help not just beneficiaries, but their caregivers as well.

Since 1989 they have been helping people with Medicare understand their rights and benefits with the programs.

Although they couldn’t help me last year, I did call them to complain about the outrageous price increases in Medicare Part D premiums. What they did do is have our local newspaper contact me and I was able to put my 2 cents in about the increases, but of course it was only my 2 cents and it didn’t help lower the premiums.

Do You Qualify For Medicare Extra Help

One thing we do know is that many people enrolled in Medicare have limited incomes. Sometimes it’s a struggle for them with their prescriptions or other life necessities like, heat, groceries and even rent. The Medicare Rights Center has a hotline at 1?800?333?4144 where you can speak to a counselor to help you find out how you can qualify and if you are eligible to get Medicare Extra Help or financial assistance.

What Type of Financial Assistance Can You Get

There are several programs available if you qualify and are eligible. The counselors will help to determine the programs you could be eligible for:

1. Extra Help – The Low-Income Subsidy for Medicare Part D

According to the Medicare Rights Center, they are actively looking for people who are eligible for this program. The Extra Help program could help save you about $3,600 every year.

2. Medicare Savings Plan

The Medicare Savings Plan is a program to assist you with your Medicare premiums and co-insurance.

3. State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP).

The counselors can help direct you to your State program.

The counselors have access to the Medicare Rights Center’s database of Medicare information and they can give you up-to-date information about your hospital, medical and drug coverage. They will also provide you with on-going support.

I would encourage anyone who is on Medicare with a limited income to pick up the phone and call the toll free number 1-800-333-4144 to find out if you can get some Medicare Extra Help.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Jane Stern is an author at Stephen Joyce's EldercareABC, Inc. Blog

She writes extensively about Medicare/Medicaid Issues and follows the changes that are occurring.