The Law of Attraction
In this report, I’m not going to go into any more detail than absolutely necessary. However, I must not assume anything, and you may have received this report from a friend who wants to see you succeed.

The phrase, “Law of Attraction” refers to a phenomenon which science has yet to confirm, yet many practitioners know intimately. In general, the phrase refers to a general category of processes which are used for the purpose of creating changes in our physical world with the assistance of an unseen Power, or force.

In ancient times (and even in modern times), this Power may have been called God, and the process used to activate the Law of Attraction would have been prayer. Modern processes, are based on an understanding that God does not behave as a person, with whims and petty favoritism, but behaves as a force of nature, just like electricity or gravity.

In this report, I’m about to reveal something that almost no-one ever talks about. In fact, it’s something that almost no-one even KNOWS about. When you fully understand what I’m about to share with you in this report, your work with the Law of Attraction will become 300% — 500% more effective.

To ensure that you fully understand the impact of what I have to share with you today, I need to cover some background material. You see, I don’t know how much you’ve learned up to this point, and it’s always good to review the basics from time to time. So please bear with me as we go through this. You may find the way I phrase certain things gives you new insight into concepts and ideas you already knew. I tend to hear that a lot when I speak.

I once heard Zig Ziglar talk about how a famous football coach started each and every season the exact same way. He’d get in front of his players, hold up a football, and say, “Gentlemen, THIS is a football.” This famous coach was responsible for one of the longest running winning streaks in the history of the game. However, let’s start our review of the basics a little further along than that.

Basic Foundational Concepts
The basic concept behind the Law of Attraction is that the physical world around us is nothing more than a shadow compared to the unseen world which controls the physical plane. This unseen plane of existence is the source of all true Power, and is what we tap into whenever we focus our attention on creating any change in the physical world. Basic concept #1.

Basic concept #2 is that we direct this Power with our consciousness, which I will refer to as our “mind”. I say it this way to get around the debate about the role our emotions play in this process. Suffice it to say that our emotions must respond to our conscious choice, and thus our conscious choice is the originating cause of everything we do, mentally or emotionally.

Now, any time a ‘power’, or ‘force’, is used to create any kind of change, there is a basic principle that says the more intense that force, the more effectively the change will be made. Trying to push a car with only 10 horsepower of force won’t budge it, but apply 10,000 horsepower of force and the car will move rather quickly!

Related to this, the more FOCUSED the force is, the more intensely it operates in the specific situation. For example, a bullet sitting on a pile of dynamite will move rather quickly when the dynamite explodes, but a much smaller amount of gunpowder will shoot the bullet even more quickly because the force is focused in a specific direction. As another example, a sharp knife cuts more easily than a dull one because the force is applied across a smaller area.

With these basic concepts, we can easily see that in order to get the most from the Law of Attraction, we must be able to not only apply a greater force, but also apply it with the best focus we can muster.

The next basic concept I need to address here is that out of the various mental factors related to our ability to tap into Universal Power (thoughts, emotions, beliefs), it is our beliefs which have the greatest impact on the results we get. I know some people may disagree with this point, and since it is critical to what I have to share with you today, let’s review some of the evidence supporting this statement.

Why Beliefs Are Most Important In The Law of Attraction
I cover this in great detail in my book, Choose To Believe: A Practical Guide to Living Your Dreams (available on and, but for the sake of time, I want to just hit the highlights here.

Almost everyone these days refers to experiments in the field of quantum physics. One of the main reasons WHY is because those scientists are about as hard-nosed against the Law of Attraction as anyone on Earth! The fact they’ve concluded that our expectations influence the outcome of any given event goes a long way towards proving that our beliefs have a direct connection to physical reality. Notice the word, ‘expectation’. That’s another way of saying ‘belief’.

And then there are all the experiments performed by Dr. Rhine at Duke University. Although his experiments failed to convince the world at large that psychic abilities exist, the results WERE statistically significant. Dr. Rhine noted in his logs that the belief a subject had in the reality of psychic abilities was “the most telling factor” indicating the eventual outcome of an individual’s work, whether it was basic ESP or psychokinesis (mind over matter).

The final bit of evidence I’ll cover here is what’s known as “the placebo effect” in medical research. This has been defined as a healing response to a belief in the patient’s mind. In short, when a patient believes they are getting an effective treatment for a condition, the placebo effect kicks in and triggers a healing, regardless of the actual effectiveness of the treatment itself! There are some arguments to the effect that our entire traditional medical system is based on the placebo effect in one way or another.

If you’d like more information on the scientific evidence supporting the power of belief, I have a free report and audio program you may download from my website, at

Bringing It All Together
Okay, that’s enough of a review. Let’s bring it all together and see how this can make the Law of Attraction much more effective.

Since beliefs are the most telling factor regarding the results we’ll get with the Law of Attraction, and to believe something is to accept it as true, then it is imperative that we accept the outcome of our work as a reality before we finish whatever Law of Attraction process we use. I’m sure you already know this and are doing it, at least to some degree.
Let’s not pass this off as obvious, and take a closer look, because there’s something hidden in the midst of all this which most people miss completely.

First of all, let’s consider WHY beliefs have such a great impact on the Law of Attraction. What happens when you are unsure of something, like stepping onto a rock? You tend to do it cautiously, slowly, and ready to move a different way at a moment’s notice. Right? In effect, you are spreading your efforts (your physical force) across a larger area (potential direction) to minimize the impact of a mistake, or loose footing.

Now consider how you step forward when you KNOW the ground will be solid under your feet. You have a firm belief, a conviction, that your efforts will be productive and produce the result you seek – moving forward. Your physical force of movement is more tightly focused (only 1 potential direction), and produces a greater intensity towards accomplishing the intended goal.

Okay, now consider how this may be applied to using the Law of Attraction.

If you are unsure about what you are doing, your mind will waver hither and yon, never really committing to a single direction. On the other hand, if you are absolutely sure of yourself, full of confidence about what you are doing, your mental force will be more focused and therefore produce a better result, no?

So it follows that in order to maximize the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction, you should start by eliciting within yourself a strong feeling of confidence about what you are about to do.

Take a moment now, and just sit back and consider the impact of this realization, and let it sink down into your inner consciousness. Let your mind find new connections between this new insight and everything you currently know.

Putting This Into Practice
It wouldn’t serve much purpose to know WHAT to do without also knowing HOW to do it. Here are a few tips I’ve learned that make it super easy to be more confident within mere moments.

Most of the common suggestions for confidence are okay. Practice until you are comfortable using whatever Law of Attraction process you’ve selected. Visualize yourself as being successful in this venture – getting the results you want. Dress up in good quality clothing. Take care of your physical body – get enough sleep, exercise, and good food. You know, that sort of thing.

However, if you really want to maximize your results, you’ll want to bring out the power-tools.
If I were like most online marketers, this is where I’d direct you to sign up for one of my memberships, or even purchase my book, Choose To Believe. However, I’m not like that, and I’ll give you some solid information right here, right now.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to elicit within yourself a strong feeling of confidence is to focus on something for which you already have abundant confidence. For example, if you are absolutely positive that 2+2=4, you could use that as a trigger to bring up a feeling of confidence. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous, but hey, it works.

In fact, if you use a series of affirmative statements about things you already believe are true, this activates a principle NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) enthusiasts call “pacing and leading”.

By ‘pacing’ your current beliefs, you elicit within yourself a strong feeling of trust (confidence / belief) that may be used to ‘lead’ your mind to accept other (new) statements as facts. In other words, your belief in one set of statements is transferred to a new statement, and your mind automatically begins to believe it more!

Here’s an example of how this is used:

1. I know that 2+2=4.
2. I know that I am living on planet Earth.
3. I know that there is a Power which can perform miracles.
4. I know that this Power cannot fail, it is always successful.
5. I know that I am focusing on this Power now.
6. I know that I am growing more and more confident.
7. I know that the Miracle Power creates the change I desire to see.
8. I know that this Power fulfills my wish in a perfectly Divine way.
9. I know that I will soon see the changes I have chosen to effect.

By using the words, “I know that ......” we are focusing our attention on the strongest degree of belief that can possibly exist. If we were to say, “I believe that .....” the effect would not be as strong.

You are welcome to use any pacing statements you want in this format to elicit a strong feeling of confidence. It really doesn’t matter if your pacing statements relate to the end goal or not, however, I tend to believe the end result will be better if they do tie in with your desired results.

In actual practice, you will usually repeat a series of pacing and leading statements a number of times rather than just once. There’s no hard and fast rule, but the guiding principle is that you continue until you feel absolutely confident in the final statement, which is the thing you want to have happen.

When this final statement feels just as true as the others, your work is done. In fact, this process may constitute the entirety of your Law of Attraction routine. Of course, if you enjoy the other processes you work with, there’s no reason for you not to do them, so go ahead and enjoy yourself.

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