It is hard to believe that many people buy auto insurance without even searching for the best and cheapest one. It is understandable, because I have one time tried to call some auto insurances around my home town and found out that the premium is less than $50 in difference. Your insurance company always tries its best to make you think that it is the one of best and cheapest in the business. In fact, It is not true, you can always save yourself some money if you follow the step below.

1. Prefer class
It is essential that you know which class of driver that you are belongs to. Most insurances companies prefer some kinds of drivers according to their driving record and risk. Insurance companies can not openly admitted it because it is driver discrimination. Some insurance companies that give university graduate and professional people a prefer class and its premium is 20% to 50% less than other insurance company.

2. Understand the role of agency and direct writing auto insurance companies
The agency sold you the auto insurance policy received 10% commission of the total premium. This commission is added to the premium for the service which your agency provides and most agencies in your town may carry the same auto insurance companies in their books. Direct writing companies have no agency and the policy is written through phone or at their offices. People in the direct companies received salary with no commission. It doesn't mean agency carrying insurance are always expensive than direct writing company. if you try to compare them, you will know what I mean.

3. Do not cover your windshield and auto glass
Since there are always $250 to $ 500 deductible in your auto insurance policy. How much is a windshield replacement cost? Most of them are less than $300 and you don't want to claim $ 50 and have the claim written in your record. On the other hand, you always can negotiate for a better price if you pay cash. Any claim in your record will increase the risk of your policy being canceled if you involve in an accident in the future.

4. Services
If you buy your auto insurance company through agency, you can ask them if you have any question but most people either don't know what to ask or their agents are too busy to give them time. If you involve in an accident, you most likely report first to your agent and this only delays your claim, specially when you have a loss of use clause in your policy. You always report the accident to your insurance company for prompted service. If you buy your auto insurance from direct writing company, you will be given instruction for what to do as soon as the claim is reported and most of them are opened 8AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday.

5. Stay with your insurance company
After finding the cheapest auto insurance, you should stay with them as long as you can, because most insurance will not only forgive one or two tickets within 3 years but also only lower one star from your policy if you involve in the accident. Constant changing auto insurance company will increased the risk of policy being cancelled if you involve in an accident.

6. Not not claim anything less than $1000
With the deductible of $ 500 or more, claiming anything less than $1000 will increase the risk of your policy being cancelled if you involve in an accidence and reduce the forgiveness period ( instead of lower one star, the insurance company may cancel your policy).

7. Ask for discounts
Always ask your auto insurance agent or company for discount if
a) Your are over 50 years old and up
b) If you have an alarm installed in your car
c) Your lifestyle and occupation

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