We have been under some very intense energies lately. We have had 2 eclipses already this month with is causing all sorts of havoc. As the Earth's vibration continues to increase, those who's vibration doesn't match can literally go nuts.

This is obvious if you read the news headlines.

I know, many people say that spiritual people are supposed to ignore the news, but I don't agree with this. We can't know what is happening in our world and do the job we are here to do if we don't know what is happening.

In today's news, there are stories about several families involved in murder-suicide. A mother in Texas decapitated her baby. Cars were driving the wrong way on a certain highway causing different wrecks.

This shows the intensity of the energies right now, and people's inability to deal with these energies. They cannot handle the higher vibrations, so they are doing things that we see as crazy.

It is very important for us to learn to align our energies with those that are affecting us.

Each day, ask your Guides and Angels to assist you. Ask that your energies be aligned with those of the Universe, the Earth and the Planets. You can do with in whatever way you choose - in meditaiton, as a prayer, in ritual. Choose the way that you are most comfortable with. As long as you have the right intention, the work will be done.

Doing this daily will keep you more balanced and healthy and prevent you from doing something crazy.

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Rev. Claudia McNeely DD is a gifted and caring Psychic/Healer. She has assisted millions of people world wide to heal on all levels and create the life they want. Visit her website today at http://www.askclaudia.com to register to win a free Psychic Reading.

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She provides accurate Psychic Readings and Alternative Healing using the assistance of Guides, Angels and Master Healers. She is certified in many healing modalities including Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Emotional Healing. She has experience in Shamanic Healing, Transpersonal Counseling, Past Life Therapy, Entity Removal, House Cleansing and much more.