Have you ever started a weight loss program and no matter how hard you train, how much you eat all the right foods and no matter how dedicated you are, nothing you try seems to shift that unwanted body fat?

Well, today I have some good news for you that may help you to get rid of that unwanted body fat forever…

In nature body fat is a natural protection mechanism, it is used to protect our internal organs, our bones, it cushions us from external blows, it aids in the transportation of specific hormones and it protects us from the cold. But if there is one take home message I want you to understand from this article, it is this.

Body Fat is a "protection" mechanism.

Excess body fat is the physical symptom of protecting yourself from some mental, emotional or spiritual “blow”.

So in order to lose your unwanted body fat simply remove your defenses from the unforeseen “blow” that has caused you to “protect” yourself in the first instance.

Sound too simple? Well it is. Let me explain…

Excess Body Fat = Hiding or protecting yourself from a mental, emotional or spiritual blow.

Excess body fat leads to obesity which is a common form of dis-EASE experienced by over 50% of adults and 60% of children in the western world. So often I find my clients are carrying excess body fat because they are hiding or protecting themselves from dealing with an issue that has caused them great pain.

I once had a client who had cheated on her husband because she wasn’t feeling fulfilled in their relationship. Her husband, who ultimately became aware that she had cheated, became suspicious whenever she tried to improve her health and physical body; he was worried that she was trying to look good for someone else, so he responded to her efforts by ridiculing her. This woman was in a pattern of hiding behind her body fat because she could not deal with the judgment and persecution as well as her guilt for cheating. The dis-EASE (dissatisfaction within the relationship) is what led to the behaviour (cheating on her husband), which ultimately resulted in the manifestation of the disease of obesity (or excess body fat). While we might try to treat the disease of obesity, it is the dis-EASE that led to the behaviours that must be resolved before the obesity will be resolved. As soon as this client dealt with the underlying issue of the dissatisfaction in her relationship, her excess body fat disappeared very easily and with a lot less effort than previously.

Original Issue Relationship dissatisfaction
Negative Thought I am a bad person for seeking what I want in life
Negative Feeling Guilt
Negative Belief I don’t deserve to look and feel physically healthy again
Negative Behaviour Eating junk food and not exercising
Negative Symptom Excess Body Fat

Notice that obesity is originally set in motion by the person’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours. This is very empowering because you have complete control over the quality of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours. By dealing with the negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours that have created your excess body fat and substituting them with positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours about the original issue, you can actually reduce or remove the body fat very easily.

To achieve this, you must first identify what is the underlying issue that is causing your excess body fat and holding you back. It might be an old belief system, a bad habit or stress around a certain situation or person. Dis-EASE in any form is about holding on to old energy that has been tied up with a past (or anticipated future) event, situation or trauma. Holding on in this way keeps an element of our energy and focus (whether consciously or subconsciously) tied up in the past (or future), which means that we do not have 100 per cent of our energy available to use in the present moment.

Eliminate your excess body fat in five simple steps:

Please be aware that If you have control issues, and love to be in control of your self in all situations then please be aware that you may struggle with losing your excess body fat. Essentially, by “letting go” of the need to be “in control” of your self all the time will assist you to lose the body fat a lot quicker. If you feel that what I am saying is resonating with you on some level then please, ask yourself the following.

What is it that I need to let go of? Or;
What is it that I am protecting my self from? Or;
What is the fear I have around the changes I am currently going through? Or even;
Why do I fear being vulnerable?

Step One – Make a decision to do so

You must want to eliminate your excess body fat; you must want to change. People are primarily motivated by two forces: pleasure and pain. We all seek to either attain pleasure or avoid pain. If you are not experiencing enough pain from your current level of body fat, then perhaps you will not be motivated enough to change. But if you have decided that enough is enough and you want to move away from the pain that the excess body fat causes, then you must create a feeling of immense pleasure from what it is you wish to become, do and have in your life. When the pleasure stimulus is strong enough, you will initiate a strong enough momentum (or commitment) to bring about change in your life.

Step Two – Raise your awareness of your thoughts

You must become a detective, tracking down any negative thoughts that may associated with the excess body fat. You must be aware that negative thoughts do exist and when they arise you must be fully aware of their presence. Chapter two of the Activate Your Life Book will teach you how to become the master of your thoughts.

Step Three – Choose the appropriate response to your thoughts

At this stage, you decide whether to respond positively to a thought or to simply dismiss it, rather than reacting to it without thinking – when you master this, you master your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours.

Step Four – Identify and remove the issue that is causing the excess Body fat

Imagine your ideal body as a hot air balloon; complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual freedom is when the balloon is flying, but before you can fly you must cut the ropes that are keeping you grounded. Think of these ropes as issues that must be identified and removed before you can experience complete freedom. Asking yourself quality questions is the key to cutting the ropes that ground you. A quality question is one that leads to the root cause of an issue, prompts new thinking and opens up a new level of awareness.

For example, if someone is carrying too much body fat and has a concern for his health, he might ask himself:

Why has this situation occurred?
“Because I don’t have time to cook and therefore I eat too much take-away food.”

OK, why don’t I have time to cook?
“Because I am too busy at work.”

Why am I too busy at work?
“Because I have a mortgage to pay and two kids to support.”

What would it mean to me if I couldn’t pay the mortgage and look after my kids? “It would mean that we are unable to live the lifestyle that I choose and that I would be seen as a failure in the eyes of my partner and children.”

How would that make me feel?
“Í would feel guilty.”

Can you see how quality questions soon get to the true cause of a person’s issue? Note how the original symptom was this person’s concern for his level of body fat and how this was affecting his health, however, when quality questions are asked it soon becomes evident that his real issue is one of not wanting to feel guilty for not providing for his family. Ultimately the excess body fat is protecting him from the feeling of guilt.

When you discover the root cause of an issue, focus on finding an appropriate solution. Too often we focus on the problem rather than on the solution – we treat the symptoms rather than the underlying cause – which only masks the dis-EASE and can introduce other negative side effects.

Step Five – Live in the present moment

It is important to go through life being aware of how you feel. This means being present in the ‘now’, not living in the past or in the future. The present is the only thing you have absolute power over in your life.

If you feel that what you have read in this article resonates with you, then I feel that you are 99% of the way to solving all of your problems. All the diet, exercise and dedication in the world will not help if you do not deal with the underlying issue at the subconscious level that is "protecting" you from being the best person you want to be.

Once you have dealt with the underlying issue that is causing your excess body fat, you will notice your body fat falls off very naturally and with complete ease.

Author's Bio: 

Hi there, my name is Andrew McCombe and I am the Owner and Managing Director of Activate Your Life.

In 1997, I moved to Australia, from New Zealand with a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPhEd) Degree from the University of Otago to pursue my dream of representing my country at the 2000 Olympics in the sport of Beach Volleyball.

To fund my beach volleyball career I decided to use my formal qualifications and my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing to set up a personal fitness training studio in beautiful Manly. Very soon my beach volleyball career was put on hold as my business had quickly grown to owning and managing three health clubs in Sydney.

Looking back I realized I had a real passion and talent for creating and growing businesses and a strong desire to empower individuals, teams and businesses to perform at the highest level, in a simple, balanced and fulfilling manner.

I now project the Activate Your Life message in the following ways:

- I am a Life, Business and High Performance Coach which I combine with my expertise as an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner.

- I regularly present Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career and Business Workshops and Retreats.

- I am the author and self publisher of the Activate Your Life book and the on-going Activate Your Life book series.

- I am a regular columnist and contributor for a number of Australasia's largest publications, including Mens' Style, 50's Lifestyle, Franchise Magazine, Femme Fitness, NZ Fitness, Beauty NZ, That's Life, Vogue, Cleo, Who Weekly, Marie Claire and Universal Wellbeing.

- I am an ambassador for Grand United Corporate Health Insurance, National Australia Bank’s AdvantEdge Program, the Telstra My Rewards Program and the Your Health Integrative Medicine Centres.

Today I live the life that I designed for myself many years ago. I spend half of my day playing beach volleyball and I spend the other half of my day empowering thousands of other people to perform at their best in their personal and professional lives, through the Activate Your Life vehicle.

I am passionate about supporting you to design and build your ideal business and team, so if you are 100% committed to performing at the highest level, then I look forward to supporting you to make it a reality.

Here's to living a simple, balanced and fulfilling life of EASE.

Andrew McCombe