Is being successful at work something you are interested in? Do you like to set personal goals on the job and measure how you are meeting them? You will learn how to evaluate your personal goal performance.

Do you take an interest in finding true friends at the workplace? Having plenty of close friends is good for your health. If forming a true friendship with fellow workers is one of your personal goals, you can evaluate your progress by counting the number of fellow workers you communicate with on a regular basis and assessing how well you connect with them. Do you engage in a meaningful conversation with them? Can you trust and depend on them? Do you all have each others’ backs? If you answered each of these questions affirmatively, you know you have met your goal.

Is having a significant impact on improving the atmosphere where you work a personal goal for you? If it is, focus on what your presence means to measure how you are doing in this area. If you make everyone else happy and they are pleased to have you around, it means you are meeting your goal of improving the office atmosphere.

Are you concerned about creating customer satisfaction? If you want to determine whether you are meeting this goal, look at how all of your interactions with customers go. Do the customers seem pleased? Do they say good things about you and have an interest in seeing you each time they return? If you answered these questions affirmatively, you are succeeding.

Do you have a personal goal in regard to carrying out your duties with good speed? If you wish to do things quickly, set a goal of how quickly you want to do a task before you start and time yourself. Make sure you do each task with accuracy and quality.

Do you want to evaluate how you are meeting your goal of doing your job well? If so, periodically ask the management if they are pleased with your work.

Are you interested in being highly productive on the job? You can measure how productive you are by learning how much of an impact your output is having on the company’s bottom line.

Is learning each task efficiently one of your goals? If so, assess how long it takes you to learn each task and whether you frustrate those who are trying to teach you. If you are not learning tasks as quickly as you would like, try to listen better and ask questions on anything you do not understand. Also, you might need to practice doing your tasks more.

Concentrate on what you have learned and anything else you can think of to evaluate your personal goal performance!

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