I got an email from a young man who asked, "Does the subconscious sometimes create situations to work on that I consider a little bit impossible or hard?

Today I've been reviewing things I want to accomplish and among them was to buy a new a car and I thought that I consider it a little bit hard to get all the money.

And a few hours later I made some damage by accident on my old car that leaves my no choice but to work with mind power to get a new car."

When you have mixed feelings about something, you'll manifest the stronger one. In the above scenario, the young man had a strong desire to get a car, but needed to deal with the objections presented by the logical mind - where to get the money.

In sales and the variations like copywriting and advertising, one of the first things you learn is that if you want to sell something, you must first stir the desires of your prospect's heart and only then deal with justifying the reasons as to how can that purchase benefit the prospect, why does he really need it and how can he afford it.

That's also how we sell ideas to ourselves and how our subconscious buys them. And that's how our brain works, how we process new information.

Brain-wise, when we receive any new information, it first goes to our reptilian brain. The reptilian brain deals with instinctive fears and desires. Since it has to make a decision that ensures the survival in a snap of the moment, it filters the information based on whether it's:

1) dangerous - if not ignore it; if yes, then run, fight or freeze, whatever it assesses to give it the best possibility to survive

2) exciting and stimulating - if it is, indulge in it now.

After the information gets filtered through the reptilian brain, then it go to the neocortex for further problem-solving.

The young man wanted to buy a car. The idea was exciting and his reptilian brain said "Yes, that's a great idea! I could really use a new car now!" The neocortex agreed that it's a valid idea, but it also came up with objection "it may be hard to get the money to buy the car".

The subconscious mind, which is the realm governed by emotions and always supporting and manifesting the strongest strongest emotion, intervened and help to open the way for the car the man really wanted by creating an accident with the car he had. The problem was solved - at least insofar as getting the needed reason to propel him to fulfill his heart's desire and get the car he wanted. He may still need to program his subconscious mind with new possibilities of creating the money he needs.

By the way the above process also demonstrates how our subconscious minds at times help us to develop all kinds of health problems and have accidents..

A part of us may greatly desire something, perhaps a vacation or a break from work, but then we start to reason how we can't afford it because we need the money.

The subconscious intervenes and creates an accident and now we are forced to take that break we so much needed but needed some way to justify to ourselves and to people around us.

I know people who had serious accidents after they've been over-worked and in spite of knowing they truly need to stop and take a break, they kept pushing themselves until something crashed in their bodies or in their environments, that forced them to take that break they really wanted and needed and rest as long as they needed to rest.

And I know people who so much disliked their work that they created accidents which left them permanently crippled to the point that they couldn't do that kind of work any more and they were happy that now they had an excuse for why they can't work. The physically crippling situation was way more satisfying to them emotionally then going to the work they disliked, and they just didn't have the courage to look for a different kind of work.

And why do our subconscious minds create accidents? Because we create a set of conditions which we adopt as the only possible ways of resolving the problem and so the subconscious mind brings up solutions that fit within those boundaries, those limitations we have set ourselves on some level.

A better option would be, when we truly desire to experience something to open our minds to new possibilities and to program our subconscious minds to bring us solutions that will leave us in good health and in good spirits.

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