I received an interesting email from a patient regarding low back pain. The email read:

“As you know I have been suffering with severe back pain for years. Before I met you, I tried just about everything and no relief. After having a nutritional consultation and following the protocol, about 80-90% of the pain is gone. What I notice now is that there is quite a bit of stiffness and I have a hard time exercising. The MRI was negative and chiropractic adjustments have done nothing. Any ideas?”

Low back pain is a common problem that affects an estimates 72 million Americans and costs some $277 million annually. There are a number of potential causes and treatments, and a book can be written on this subject alone. We will narrow our focus on an interesting treatment called Motion or Gait Analysis. Motion Analysis involves a series of very simple walking tests.
The client is asked to walk in the following ways:

- normally

- with their arms extended

- “duck” walk – exaggerated arm swing

- and at various paces

During this time, data from the simple act of walking is being registered either via computer and with by a trained professional. The information gathered is detailed and exceptionally useful. Typical information will include which muscles are inflexible, which are too flexible in relationship to others, and which muscles are weak in the hips, legs and back.

Once identified, pinpoint specific stretches and strengthening exercises are provided.

The cost of a Motion Analysis is usually quite reasonable. The common range is $40-60 and takes about 60-75 minutes to complete. If a person performs the exercises given, the results are usually noticed within 2-3 weeks. One’s gait changes (improves)and a significant increase in flexibility and mobility are noted.

It is highly recommended for any person with chronic back pain (especially low back)who has not experienced relief from other modalities. For any one involved with sport, it is a must.

David Orman



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David Orman, hghplus.net/developer.htm, is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Expert and Educator.