How someone acts in a Crisis, can this be an indication of their True Colours - Or Not! What Do you Think?
“Do you think people reveal their true selves in times of crisis? Or should we make allowances for shock, fear & panicked fatalism?”
Obviously, for each of us this can be different, also how we might react will be dependant on the “Crisis” or situation.
However a friend asked me today that can it be a true indication of someone’s character as to how they react in tough times?
Say a person maybe going through a very difficult stage of their life, yet appear to remain unusually calm and unaffected. Does this mean that there may be deeper issues going on under the surface. Or does it suggest that they have learnt great coping mechanisms? Or does it mean that down the tract they may break down because they have released their emotions during this time?
What if a person when confronted with emotional turmoil, drama, acts out recklessly and destructively, does this indicate that there is underlying emotional instability?
More often than not, during times of trauma, drama or crisis, these ?? True Colours that appear to be drawn out, may just be well hidden previous trauma etc and the current situation has brought these to the surface.
True colours may not necessarily be the True Character of a person, but their deep seated issues that haven’t been addressed.
So rather than being judgemental or unsympathetic or sympathetic during these times if you are personally going through them or going through them with a friend. It is much better to have empathy, not to allow judgement or criticism to enter your thoughts, but to allow space and time to enter. With the courage, strength and belief that everything will work out in the end.
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