Let’s keep this simple. As simple as can be. What do you want?

More money? A new house? A nice luxury car? A holiday in France? A new boyfriend or girlfriend? An athletic body? Whatever it is, it is a physical result, is it not?


Why? For what feeling? So you can feel secure? Happy? Fulfilled? Whatever the reason is, it so that you can feel good, feel free, and experience satisfaction of some kind.

It is to enjoy your self one way or the other. Feeling.

So how do you get whatever it is that you want in your life, easily? Here is the formula for all creation of one’s reality. And trust me; it is as easy as you make it to be. If you complicate it, it gets complicated to that degree. If you keep it as simple as it is, it becomes a seeming miracle, simple yet profoundly powerful, a sign of mastery.

And now, the formula:

Step 1: Ask

How do you ask and who do you ask it to? You don’t have to address your asking to anything or anyone or any deity. The asking is simply your desire and how you feel about it. It is automatic and natural. All you have to do is to be clear on what you want, as clear as you can be. Don’t bother about how you will achieve your desire – the way will show up step by step automatically. Just be clear only on the end result, not necessarily on the way to get there. What is the end result you desire, exactly? Imagine it has already happened.

Also, forget about what you don’t want. Here is why: whatever you are putting your attention on is what is being asked for. Where your attention is indicates what it is you are asking. How it is that you are feeling indicates what it is that you are asking. Your attention and feeling will show you, predictably, what it is you are creating in the future and how it will feel like when you get it.

Step 2: The Universe Answers

At conception, we are all 90% water. You probably know how to have sex. But do you know how to put together a baby from water and all the other elements of nature? No! no scientist in this world today can go grab some water and so on, and put together babies. Yet we make them without knowing how!

Here is the magic of the universe. The universe is always expanding, always and in all ways. Eternity and infinity. It expands as a function of answering all the desires of all parts of it (even your individual cells ask through their natural preferences for health, nutrition, bliss, and so on).

Did you know that there are many Nobel Laureate quantum physicists that have proven without doubt that the act of observing is what creates that which is being observed? In other words, without doubt, you see what you believe. You create your reality. What you intend to observe is what the universe creates in your experience.

This has been proven by quantum physicists many times over the last few decades. If you would like to explore this in more detail, have a look at the eBook A Happy Pocket Full of Money from www.imagesofone.com.

Literally, scientifically, the universe creates your desire. It handles the “how”. So the more you let go and allow life to unfold as it does, the faster you let creation happen for you. Let go of the how, so that you can allow it to come to you in the fastest way possible, including ways you would never have thought about. If you insist on the how, you block other pathways and possibilities. Also, let go of the need, of the anxiety, insecurity, shame, guilt, or whatever, because these feelings only create. Let go internally and externally

Step 3: Receive

This is the final step and the one that most people seem to mess up. You must receive. Reception is very much like the way a radio receives its channels. It tunes into the channel. The radio must match itself to the broadcast frequency for you to receive any music from it.

In the same way, you must match yourself to that which you asked for so that you may see it appear in your life and experience it. This is the key. And there are two parts to it:

First and most importantly, match your feelings. How would it feel to have that which you asked for? Feel that now. How would it feel to drive that amazing car or have that amazing partner or that amazing business? Feel that now. Feel good. When you feel fear, anxiety, despair, and so on, you are not in alignment.

Secondly, act on inspiration and “coincidences”. You will notice opportunities cropping up in your days. Take them. If you meet someone who somehow mentions something to do with what you are seeking, follow that clue. If you feel the urge to make a phone call or visit a place, do that. It may take one step or a thousand, and you won’t always know how far down the road you have come, but you are guaranteed to get there if you keep taking one step at a time.

So what is the 68 seconds all about? Well, we now know that if you hold a thought for 68 seconds, it begins to materialize into form. It is that simple.

The materials of Abraham by Jerry and Ester Hicks also expand on this simple formula, for those of you who wish to investigate it further. The book A Happy Pocket Full of Money goes into the actual way that the universe goes about creating your reality and more.

Life is a miracle. When you are not experiencing miracles, you are probably struggling up the hard way to get things done. Share this knowledge with others and talk about it; grow it within your friends. As you do, test it. Test it over and over again in all areas of your life, perhaps with the small things first. And as you do, you will notice more evidence of it, and as you practice you will become better at using it and creating a life of miracles as the norm. Forward this article to as many people as you can, then invite them to a discussion. The fastest way to grow in this wisdom is to create your own mastermind of miracles!

Author's Bio: 

David Cameron Gikandi is the best-selling author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money,  was the Creative Consultant on The Secret,  and he is a Real Estate & I.T. entrepreneur,  holding a BSc. in International Business,  MCSD,  and MSc. in Information Technology. He invites you to try the 58 Step Small Business Makeover System and the 12 x 12 Step DIY Abundant Life Coach System for free on his http://aHappyPocket.com site.