Let’s face it your current “reality” is an effect of your thoughts. Therefore your current “reality” was created by your thoughts that you chose to hold in the past. Although your present moment is an effect of your past thoughts you can now create your future “reality” by your current thoughts.

I put “reality” in quotations because our “reality” is different than other peoples based on our perception of it. I rarely use the word “reality” because it’s hollow and meaningless because everybody’s reality is different and changing according to one’s perception and perspective.

Although it can seem difficult when you are having a less than desirable reality to begin thinking in new ways because our reality (or outward experience) seems to constantly validate our old thinking. You may be tempted to say “show me some proof”, when what you must do is to cleave tightly to that which you desire.

It takes a great faith in the moments of difficulty to remove your attention from the present circumstances to the desired outcome. But this is what MUST be done in order to change your belief system and ultimately your experience of reality. It is the very first and crucial step. For if you cannot SEE (in your minds eye) your way out of a situation you are likely to become depressed and remain stuck.

The process of shifting your belief system is as follows:

1. Define your desired outcome. It can be as simple as “this situation is resolved in the most beneficial way for all involved. You want to leave it open so that you don’t block your Higher Self from working in ways that you can’t imagine. Define only the outcome not the route to get to the outcome.
2. Create an affirmation to repeat to keep your mind in solution mode rather than problem mode and to increase your energetic vibration. For instance: I surrender to the Infinite Intelligence within me and the energy of the highest resolution for all involved flows through me now and manifests as creativity, divine activity, harmony and peace. .
3. Deal with the issue at hand. For example if you are having financial difficulties do what you need to do with creditos etc. Hiding bills in the drawers in order to not focus on them will defeat the purpose. Take the action steps that need to be taken. You can repeat your affirmation several times and imagine the people you deal with being kind, receptive and helpful before you take the action. This dispels the fear you may be feeling.
4. Once you have taken the necessary action remove your attention from the issue and now place it on the outcome.
5. Saturate your brain with your affirmation. By saturation I mean memorize it and say it all of the time, even out loud when you can. Say it when you are driving, when you are cleaning, showering, falling asleep, during the commercials, waiting in line. Are you getting the idea?
6. Use other peoples successes to keep your faith up. Read books, watch movies and listen to music that inspires you. Joseph Murphy has many, many books on the power of mind. Wayne Dyer is also very inspirational. You must keep saturating your mind with the positive in every way that you can while your outer experience is shifting.

Here’s what will happen. You will begin to feel better, more empowered and more optimistic about your life as a whole. You will begin to get ideas about solutions, your may be inspired to call someone, or perhaps someone will call you. Synchronicities will begin to occur that manifest as your resolution. You will feel inspired to take action that you may not have thought of before or that seemed to overwhelming in the past. Your mind will shift therefore your “reality” will shift too. It has no choice.

You cannot wait for your outward experience to change before you change your beliefs. That is really putting the cart before the horse and you will not get anywhere doing it that way. Your thoughts create your beliefs and your beliefs create your experience. When you change your thoughts (at first you won’t believe them but through saturation you will), new things begin to happen which in turn validates your new thoughts which will create your new beliefs and your experience.

Thinking the same thoughts will keep you in the same place paralyzed from taking action. Your new thoughts will inspire you to new actions…and a new life.

Michelle Lee, CH

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Lee is a certified hypnotherapist, meridian tapping practitioner and Soul Realignment practitioner specializing in self-esteem, empowerment and women's spirituality.