The most underused of discount supplements, protein bars are one of the most reliable sources of protein there is. These bars are scientifically designed to provide all of the high nutrient ingredients our bodies require, especially when following a low calorie, high protein diet. According to research carried out by the Food and Beverage Industry, the market for nutrition and energy bars in America saw a 169% increase in the first half of the 2000s. Clearly there is a reason for this massive increase in public use.

Each bar is stacked with protein and the other nutrients needed for muscle building. It is such an easy way to get your protein to fit around your training schedule. In an age where we have less and less time to take care of our dietary requirements, protein bars require no refrigeration, are easy to carry around, can be eaten quickly and don’t spoil.

Protein bars are generally thought to be a natural evolution of the power bars that were once so popular. As well as protein, the original bars also had plenty of carbohydrates to provide energy. The trouble was that they tasted repulsive. The bars really took off when more protein was added and less carbohydrate. Flavours were also improved. This means that the modern product not only tastes better but also is better for you.

So are they good for your diet? They are incredibly effective at getting protein into your body without all the bad stuff that comes with other protein sources, so less carbohydrates and fats. A regular meal will include these bad things along with the protein. It is incredible to think that you can take in 20 grams of protein while still consuming only 175 calories. This will replace one of your 5 meals per day (which is typical for a bodybuilder.)

They have other great benefits too, like reducing cravings for sugary snacks. Bits of natural fruit in the bar give you vitamin c, but also enough fruit sugars to reduce your cravings for less healthy sugars.

Studies also show that soy and whey based bars help build lean muscle mass. The body needs protein to build muscle and these bars can provide it in the same way as fish and chickens. The biggest mistake people make is assuming that the bar does all the work. You are only going to build muscle if you also do the weights. Otherwise you might as well stick to the pasties.

At one time it was thought that high carbohydrate diets were the best thing for muscle building, but it has now been shown that this actually makes bodybuilders fat. Giving your body protein without fat and carbohydrate is what is just so great about protein bars.

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Sarah Haines is a writer with a lot of interests, some of which are fixated around the world of building muscle. She enjoys featuring much of what she has learned about this area in her articles and has recently discovered the benefits of protein supplements in keeping fit and losing weight, not just bodying building.