I just finished reading an article by Pat Heydlauff on 'Don't Just Cope with Life... Create It!’ It is a well-articulated article written with a lot of insight and experience. It is a practical advice to self-growth. But there are people who are not aware of the words like ‘self-growth’ and ‘create life’. Where is the time to learn and acquire knowledge about self-growth for those major sections of people who are ignorant of the very idea of ‘self-improvement’? How can they develop success skills when they do not know what it means? What is the solution for those innocent people in our society?

Large population around the globe falls under economically backward and downtrodden. According to a survey by India Today, eight countries - Congo, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Liberia, Eritrea, Niger, Afghanistan, and Nepal are still below the poverty line. Many more countries fall under this group. Who will educate and motivate these large numbers of people and bring them towards skill development programs? How will these potentially powerful articles on success skills reach them and change them to self-realized and develop them into successful people?

The answer is unknown to me. It is a very wide area to attempt answers. Maybe the Government ruling in those countries must find an answer. But I can attempt to give few general suggestions

• The ruling people of the country should have an interest in uplifting those unfortunate masses.
• They must sincerely attempt to design a plan of action and implement the action plan to the core
• Monitor whether the plan is implemented by the next level of people, if not take action on next implementable steps

Creating awareness is most important. Bring them to understand the benefits of the self-growth program. To me, it strikes that the following are basic requirements before thinking of the self-growth idea.

• Uplifting them from the poverty line. Offer them enough work to earn a living. Unless they fulfill their hunger, they will be reluctant to hear you. They may even revolt.
• Do not give them fish every day, but teach them fishing. Let them not be dependant on someone all life.
• Initially give the shelter too and initiate interest in them for a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

By fulfilling the above initial needs they will develop self-confidence. Once they are confident enough to understand their inner strength, motivate them with small inspirational stories of great personalities like ‘Abraham Lincoln’. Explain to them that those people were once in their state of life and grow as great leaders.
Once they are receptive enough to suggestions tell them about self-growth benefits. Tell them that they are no more dependent on anyone. They are self-equipped to earn, learn and live on their own and look after themselves and their families.

Finally populate this tremendous life-changing idea on self-growth, success skills in print, audio and video forms to them. Convert points in these articles in short films in the native languages and circulate.

I do not know who has to do it. You may ask me how this article fits this platform. Because I find workable points here on skill development, I mentioned ways to promote.

Author's Bio: 

Sangam Kr is my name and I am from India. I am a postgraduate M.Sc., in Physics from an Indian University. am a blogger and a Forex trader. My hobby is to collect useful information on the internet and pass it on to near and dear. I contributed a few articles to ezine articles portal, HubPages too. I like to be a student throughout my life learning from experts and improving my own success skills.