A feeling of fondness, rooted deep beneath the depths of your heart, is what the dictionary calls passion. The true intensity of passion can only be felt and not understood. Yet its spirit sets the very desires of taming the untamed and knowing the unknown. Often, passion is the propelling force that drives people from the darkness of their doubts to the light of endeavor. What would Albert Einstein be without his passion for physics? What would Columbus be without his passion for the sea?

Similarly, your child needs the boost of passion for excelling in whatever he/she does. At The Navyandhra School, ranked among the top schools in Gurugram sector 49, we believe that once passion gets planted in the middle of the heart, the word impossible starts taking the shape of “I’m possible.” All you need is to find the right passion for your child and encourage him/her to pursue it without any fear or doubts. And on that note, we, at The Navyandhra School, have brought for you today a few ways you can try out to ignite the fire of passion in your children and help them achieve their goals.

Keep encouraging your kids regardless of their initial failures

Have you ever noticed a new potter making clay pots over the wheel? No matter his lineage of expertise and passion for pottery, a few initial attempts always turn out to be imperfect. Similarly, your child’s initial attempts might be inadequate or far from a good show. But, this does not make him/her any less capable or potent. Have faith in your child’s passion and let him/her spread the wings over time.

At The Navyandhra School, we believe that even birds, who are born to fly, take time to learn flying. Hence, if your child is passionate about writing, drawing, dancing, singing, or anything else, let him/her put in the best efforts, and the best outcomes will eventually turn up.

Give them the exposure they need to nourish their passion

Sometimes you need to augment your child’s passion with the right stimuli. For example, if your child loves to play guitar, introduce him/her to the works of the best guitarists. Exploring the horizons of the area of interest always widens children’s own horizons. After all, an aspiring artist must learn and come across the world-famous works of artists belonging to a different era.

The more exposure you allow to your kids, the better intellectual nourishment they will receive to augment their passion. Comprehending the limitless possibilities his/her area of interest has, your child will be more driven and dedicated to it.

Do not disregard their dreams as utopian ideas

Einstein once said that if you can imagine it, one can do it. We all know that Einstein himself struggled to secure a professor’s position for him during his early days just because his teaching methods were much different from the rest of his time. However, the initial obstacles didn’t stop Einstein from becoming the iconic Physicist that he turned out to be. Similarly, your child might be thinking ahead of time. top 10 schools in gurgaon 2021 Being confined within the standards of a time, we often fail to perceive the immense potential that the aspirations of the young minds hold.

Hence, never tag and reject your child’s dreams as impossible and unrealistic. Always remember that until Edison lighted the first bulb, electric bulbs were utopian objects as well. No matter your child’s area of interest, stand by him/her and keep encouraging the kid to dream big. After all, it is the passion and dreams of a conscious mind that often fuel the journey ahead.

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At The Navyandhra School, regarded as the top school in Gurugram sector 49, we believe that passion is more like a magic potion that directly impacts the minds of the little ones. And just as fertilizers boost the growth of plants, passion encourages the growth of children. So be it their passion for sports, learning, art, or anything else, make sure to stay supportive of your child’s dreams at every turn. Finding your child’s area of interest and instilling the feeling of passion will lay the foundation of his/her future.