The emergence of smartphone technologies and its utilization in various industries has substantially improved the field employees’ productivity, providing them an easy way to connect with their offices and clients/customers.

We know that nowadays business processes are proceeding on mobile devices than ever before. Hence, transform your field service to proactive with comprehensive Field Service Management Software to manage your workforce & improve operational efficiency.

The implementation of the automated system through Travelize provides an optimized solution to your business operations including timely job schedule, systematic work-flow, attendance management and better customer relationship management which leads to increased customer retention rate. It offers live employee tracking & monitoring details on a single dashboard.

Travelize-Employee Tracking App is a cloud-based automation platform offering the best features that empower field managers as well as employees to maximize their productivity level every day. It provides real-time access to data and interaction with off-site workers. The benefits are vast with customized add-on services - Project management, Order management and Stock management according to your business requirements.

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Travelize is a digital geolocation tracking app developed especially for business companies, to measure the Employee travel period online with google sync locations.