Articles are a very important and effective way of delivering a message. Webmasters use it extensively as part of SEO, internet marketers use it to increase sales, reporters use it to convey their stories etc. This article will look at what is an article writing by giving a simple definition and the different types of articles available. The article will also answer people asking themselves "how do you write an article?"

What is an article writing?

This is a way of conveying a message with very few words set out in an easy to read fashion. Most articles are about a particular subject matter and are generally short. There are a few types of articles that come up when looking into what is an article writing. They include:

1. The 'how to' article - In this case, the writer explains how something is done using easy to follow steps. In some cases, these articles are accompanied by pictures and examples.

2. The 'list' article - In this case, the article skims over different aspects of a given subject matter. For instance, a writer can write on '5 ways to acquire a laptop'. The article will not expound on any aspect.

3. The 'motivational' article - This article talks about ways to increase productivity and other ways of self-improvement. They are usually very detailed and are targeted at certain people.

4. The 'round up' article - this article is usually a summary of an event or larger article. It is usually designed for people who want an overview of a situation.

How do you write an article?

There are a few things that you must do in order to write the best articles. They include

1. Write in a language you are comfortable with. You need to know how to express yourself with words. This is because you will need to describe things and situations to a large audience.

2. Do your research- You must have good research skills. A well-researched article with a unique twist and structure will give you a loyal readership and therefore a successful career.

3. Be original - Never copy another person's work or writing style. This lack of authenticity will repel anyone reading your material.

4. Specialize - It is better to pick one writing style and article type and stick to it until it is mastered. This will allow you to pick up skills that will increase your work's popularity.

5. Practice makes perfect - The best writers in the world have a bunch of bad written articles in their past. What sets them apart from other less successful writers is that they kept learning from their mistakes and therefore kept getting better.

6. Write on subjects you are comfortable with - A person cannot know everything. It is better to pick a topic and learn as much as you can about it. These details will improve the quality of your articles.

These are just a few things that a person looking into 'what is an article writing' and 'how do you write an article' needs to know.

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