Behavior is a reflection of one’s personality. And the best time to mold the behavior of a person positively is the childhood phase. This is when the young minds are most tender and porous, and readily absorb whatever good or bad comes their way. Currently, when the entire nation is under lockdown owing to the mounting cases of coronavirus infection, parents are getting a lot of time to spend with their children at home. We, at JP International School, one among the Best CBSE school in Noida, believe that it is this time that you can utilize to shape the behavioral pattern of your kids and lead them to the right path. Hence, here in this article today, we, at JPIS, are sharingwith yousome of the tips thatyou can use to groom your children into well-behaved individuals.

Be the Role Model

When it comes to children, what they see is what they do. It is hence extremely important for the parents to take note of their own behavior they portrayin front of their kids. You never know which move of yours or words of yours are going to get copied. Hence, maintain balanced behavior throughout your sphere and let your child pick the best versions all the time. Behavior is not always about the way we treat others, and it is sometimes about how we keep the house interiors clean, how we abide by the rules and follow the discipline in daily lives, etc. If your child will see you keeping the surroundings clean, observing a disciplined life, it is more likely that the same will impact the behavioral pattern of the children as well.  

Encourage & Appreciate

You may not even realize, but your words of appreciation or a pat on the back actually fill thoselittle hearts with joy and enthusiasm. It helps them sustain their efforts in keeping up with the standards of civilized behavior. If your child has done something praiseworthy, no matter how trifle it may be, appreciate the same and show how proud you are about it. Also, encourage the kid to keep up the excellent work in the future as well. This way, your child will feel motivated to do tasks in the right manner.

Set Rules & Make Them Follow

Never compromise with the rule that you have set at home to maintain discipline. Your child might not be in a mood every day to abide by all the rules and norms. But you need to stay strict and ensure that the disciplines are set as a priority. However, maintain a balance between being too much restrictive and too reluctant. The best way to make your child follow the rules would be to explain the reasons why adhering to these rules isessential instead of merely imposing the rules on them. Once they start understanding the necessity of the discipline, they will follow by default.

Share Responsibilities

One of the most important sources of behavioral development is sharing of chores and responsibilities. Train your children to participate in the errands to their capacity and also offer them some duties so that they learn to understand the importance of every work without discriminating. This approach helps the children gain an impartial view of every job, which, in turn, make the young minds free from any biases and prejudices.


Stay open for an engaging conversation all the times. No matter what the child asks, and for how many times, you must stay ready to answer each time with the same enthusiasm. This will instill the sense of patience and tenacity in them, and they will learn to behave calmly. Scolding or expressing your irritation will only pass on the message to them that they are also allowed to throw tantrums as and when needed.

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So while we, as a united nation, are fighting to get over the coronavirus pandemic, make good use of the lockdown and spend some quality time with your children and family. Sometimes love and encouragement help do the job much smoothly,best boarding school in Delhi and this is the time when you can shower all your time and love on your children to instill in them the positive behavioral traits you always wanted to see in them.