“Use social media as a platform to share your story, not to get caught up in it! Spend more time publishing or marketing than consuming content!” - Russell Brunson

Why Social Media Gets All Your Attention – Cal Newport - Before all the social media sites went public, they reengineered the system from something that was supposed to be a place for you to check on posts and your friend's post by adding a social approval mechanism for you got to likes or hearts and do all these different things. But what it did was it added the element of social approval that can give you that short dopamine burst, from receiving another person’s approval.

They took our behavior from something that we check maybe a few times a day, to something we are checking all the time. It was very contrived, and it was very intentional knowing that we would be spending a lot more time on there, and eventually become an addictive habit.

Why Not Use Social Media – Social Snacking and Social Comparison – Cal Newport - So there seem to be two distinct negative consequences of social media, and one positive. The first negative we have is what I call social snacking. That’s when you replace good quality personal interactions with a no friction social media relationship. What that does is take away that bond of social connection that truly has transformations, versus low pressure, low engagement that really doesn’t make a big difference. So, you feel much lonelier and much more anxious.

The second negative consequence is social comparison. It’s just not healthy for us to be looking at these positively constructed posts of curated lives. We’re just not wired for it, and it just doesn’t make us happy. So, you have social snacking, which has less quality social interactions with social comparison, which is comparing with others, which based on research has now led to more social media use and less fulfillment and less happiness and less true connection. That’s why research shows social media use has raised anxiety and hospitalization and the number of mental health issues among adolescents who are really the first generation to grow up with an iPhone after social media use.

How to Hack Social Media – Digital Minimalism Hack – Cal Newport - So the answer that we come up with is digital minimalism. What that means is I am going to give up some things that will produce me a small win so I can focus on things that have more value and that will give me bigger wins. When it comes to social media, the answer is what can I cut out? This is giving me a spot to turn on and invest and what tools and apps to take out and which ones to focus on that are more valuable! Again, the key here is which apps and part of the apps are the most valuable with the least amount of time, and still gets me big wins versus small wins. Being able to do so will give you a more concentrated focus, which you can use to get more productive results and a real connection in your lives.

Best Way to Use Social Media – Become Good at Something Hack - Tom Bilyeu - Social media can be a powerful thing when using the right way. It’s interesting how it’s similar to a gun! When used properly it can be really good, but if not, it can be really dangerous. So, what I’ve observed about social media is that people are more interested in being heard than they are at becoming good at something.

Whenever I meet someone who’s been watching my show, and they are a fan, and I know I got like 30 seconds to change their life because they’re looking for those six magic words that I can ask them. So, I find out what are they focused on, what are their goals, and they say oh I want to produce videos! I’m like cool what are you doing to become good at it? Because in order to achieve greatness or do anything in life that actually matters or is mean you have got to become good at something.

What is interesting today is that a while back with social media, yeah people have opinions about so many things, and about being heard and becoming an expert. To me, that’s very dangerous. So, my suggestion is to document your journey on social media if you’re going to use social media and become good at something! That way, you can use social media in the most effective way possible.

I’m a learner so I wanted to become good at learning more so I document my journey through my show and bring a guest so while I’m learning, my audience can learn with me and that’s how my social media has grown! And at the same time, I become really good at something, learning, and then implementing that and what to do. And you can too! So instead of just being heard, document your journey on social media and become good at something.

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