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If you are homeschooling then you probably are aware of how important it is to be organized. Organization plays a key role in teaching one child, so it is even more important to be organized if you are teaching multiple children. Making use of tools like hook and loops can help to create a more organized environment for learning

Teachers around the world make use of hook and loops in their classrooms and you can too. Here are some creative ways that you can start using hook and loop tape when it comes to homeschooling. 

Setting Up Your Homeschooling Room

If you are fortunate enough to have a homeschooling room, then you will have a ton of freedom to play around and hang visual learning aids on your walls in order to help when you are teaching your children. If you do not have a homeschooling room, hook and loop tape will still be beneficial to you. 

By making use of hook and loop tape you can hang things on the wall of your living room (or whatever room you use) and quickly be able to remove them. If you have a poster that you are using to teach math and then you switch to English, by affixing hook and loop tape to the posters and the wall you can hang up different materials relevant to the subject you are teaching. When you are finished you can remove it entirely and no one would know that earlier in the day, the living room was a classroom. This can be a great option for many parents teaching their children. 

Dry Erase Boards

If you have a dry erase board that you use when teaching not only can you secure the board itself to the wall by using hook and loop tape, but you can also use it to hang cups where you can store erasers and markers. This can help you to stay organized and you will not lose your erasers and markers nearly as quickly. 

When Doing Interactive Tasks and Learning Activities 

When doing any type of interactive tasks, you can make use of hook and loop tape. Interactive activities play an important role in early developmental stages and learning. Making use of hook and loop tape allows you to come up with creative ways to integrate interactive tasks into your curriculum and provides an easy method for executing your plan. 

For Displaying Art

Art and creativity are necessary to early personal growth and play an important role in teaching creative problem solving. Having your child regularly act on creative interests makes a huge difference in their life. After your child has completed artistic projects, you can display them by affixing hook and loop tape to the pieces. You may find yourself weekly changing the artwork that is display and hook and loop tape provides a really easy way to be able to show off your child’s work. 

Organizing Your Homeschool Room

With all of the different ways you can start to integrate hook and loop tape into your homeschooling curriculum, you can use it to help you organize your homeschool room. When you have taken the time to set up your homeschooling room a certain way, you will find that it is important to find ways to maintain that setup and to have it set up in ways that make it organized. In particular, groups of teen unschoolers find this useful.

When working to organize your homeschool room, consider including your child into the process. By allowing them to help they learn to develop organizational skills and they also will feel apart of the process which will encourage them to take more enjoyment with their schooling. 

Hook and loop tape can help to hang things on the wall or by making use of cable wraps you can better organize drawers and bins. Even chiropractors find it helpful.  The possibilities are endless for the ways you can make your homeschool room organized and working together with your children can be an enjoyable process for the entire family

Final Thoughts

Whether you are teaching your children at home or you are teaching in a classroom, both can agree that hook and loop tape is a cheap and practical tool for using in your classroom. You can use it as a teaching aid, for setting up your classroom, or simply just as a way to organize. Hook and loop is a versatile tool that many teachers have found to be incredibly useful when it comes to teaching and organization.

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