Using a hairdryer can be a bit tricky if you are using it for the first time and there is a lot of risks involved due to heat damage.
However, on the other hand, you can safely blow dry your hair and can get and achieve a kind of salon blow out.
In this step by step guide, I will share how to achieve the desired results without any heat damage.

Freshly Washed Hair

Start off with freshly washed hair and make sure your hair is neat and clean. A moisturizing shampoo is recommended because it will not let your hair dry quickly. Never rub your hair after washing. Instead, you can use a towel to absorb the extra water from your hair.

Use a Conditioner

Grab your leave-in conditioner that actually helps with smoothing and nourishing heat-styled hair. It is recommended to use a protector spray rinse on your hair then grab your hairdryer and start off using the tension method focusing the roots only.

Tension Method:

The main purpose of using the tension method is to avoid an excessive amount of heat. Using the tension method, you part your hair in sections.
It becomes easy for you to hold and manage your hair because you stretch your hair with hands instead of using a blowdryer attachment like a comb or brush.
Holding your hair you move the blowdryer in vertical motion along with your hair. Allow a minimum heat at first and gradually increase it to a higher level.
This method allows you to dry your hair and stretch your hair without over manipulating it and use an excessive amount of heat.
It totally depends on you whether you use the tension method on your entire hair or just on roots. But roots are the hardest part to comb through or stretch if your hair isn’t like the tangled as it should be.

Apply warmth Protectant:

It’s the most important part of this guide because most of the beginners damage their hair due to inaccurate heat levels. You have to apply a heat protectant gently.
Using a good quality heat protectant and using it exactly can give your hair a nice shine after the blow drying process is complete.

Brush your hair:

It is necessary to brush your hair throughout the whole process of blow-drying because it can prevent your hair from a frizzy mess.
Brushing your hair untangle them and help them to stay smooth.

Use a small tooth comb:

So after blow-drying the entire section, take a small tooth comb and run it just to the ends of your hair. It will straighten your hair also help to get your hair a salon blow out.
So using a small tooth comb your hair will remain a lot straighter than it used to be. Continue these all same steps on all the sections of your hair.


You can get the best results if you follow the same exact steps mentioned above. You must need to confirm that the hairdryer you are using is of the best quality hairdryer and you are using a warm protectant.

You can also use a good quality shine spray but try to avoid strong sprays. Dry out your hair naturally before applying a hairdryer and don’t rub your hair with the towel.

Author's Bio: 

I am John Kim and I am a professional content writer.