Nowadays, as we all know business methodologies & techniques are periodically changing in India based on the company's aspects & objectives. Earlier, organizations used to manually maintain the records of each employee to monitor the workflow & related updates. Recently, the technologies have improved in such a way that the business manager can sit in one place and monitor their field employee activity anytime from anywhere.

If you have a business where the majority of the workforce is in the field, it becomes difficult to handle the employee activity manually all the time. Hence, to overcome this problem "TRAVELIZE"- Employee GPS monitoring application is introduced. Whether it is a sales, service, hotel business, real-estate & organization regardless of any business type, the Travelize application can be implemented.

Travelize-Lead Management Software is available as both web & mobile applications. It is a Cloud-based Employee monitoring application that allows monitoring the employee location by using GPS. The application offers many options for managing the mobile workforce. Travelize is a GPS location-based service that runs as an app on employee smartphones and it is monitored by the manager from the browser side web tool.

Benefits of Travelize-employee GPS location monitoring application for Businesses

- Allows verifying traveled routes, locations & total kilometers of mobile employees.
- Helps in monitoring employee's productivity during work hours.
- Assist in verifying employee key performance updates and accuracy.
- Employee Attendance Monitoring
- Well, Synchronized Leave management.
- Schedule Appointments / Meetings to field staff.
- Cloud-based Application / Data Integrity
- Meeting reminders, Photo attachments, and many more...

Track your employee using Travelize iOS and Android Employee Monitoring App. Our real-time employee monitoring software permits you to manage your business resources effectively, providing access to vital information that helps to improve your sales/services and reduces cost. The App will be customized as per the user requirement.

Travelize- Sales Management Software aims to maintain transparency & a friendly environment between the organization and employees such that they can share work-related data, goals & milestones at regular intervals. The automation tool provides secured & accurate information, making the work process easier & speedy.

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Travelize-best Employee GPS Location Monitoring Application allows monitoring employee attendance, work activities, manages leads information instantly.