Understanding the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a strong concept that can help you radically change your life, but learning how to apply it and actually attract your desires can be more than challenging.

There is a lot of conflicting advice out there, some of which is downright misleading. Here is an easy way to get exactly what you want in life by applying this universal law.

The law of attraction is about two things: Your perspective and your objective.

Your Perspective

Your perspective is the way that you look at the world around you, it is about your experience. But here is a funny thing about your perspective - it can change. More importantly, YOU can change it to suit your needs. You see, no two people have the same experience, even if they walk side by side down a street. One person may notice one thing and the other may notice something entirely different.

What you see depends upon many things - your mood, your interests, what has been going on around you and in your life recently, even the opinions of your friends and family... lots of things affect the way you look at the world.

One of the basic building blocks of the law of attraction is that you must change your perspective, you must change the way that you look at the world, so that what you see matches what you want. This isn't as hard as it sounds. What it means is that you have to stop looking at all the things standing between where you are now and where you want to be, and start looking at the opportunities

The key thing to remember here is that your perspective is flexible and can change.

Your Objective

Your objective is the thing that you want, or your desires. You have to be really, really specific about what you want in order to get the results that will bring you there. If you have fuzzy goals, you will get fuzzy results. You also have to be clear about the reasons 'why' you want to achieve each particular goal on your list.

Be sure that you want your goals for yourself and not to please someone else. Your true attraction power or manifesting ability lies in your passion to change your life. The more passionate you are, the better. Nothing dilutes your ability to attract things into your life more than going after a goal that you don't really want.

Getting What You Want

Master these two things, your perspective and your objective, and your life will change. If you are clear about them, you will begin to understand the law of attraction and how it will help you get exactly what you want in your life.

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