Google Web Search, the most used search engine on the World Wide Web, handling more than three billion searches every day. Google is the oxygen of 90% of software engineers. The use of dictionaries and encyclopedias and are almost nowhere to be found as all those services are available under the same umbrella i.e. Google.

What is Reverse Image Search?

Now how many of you are familiar with the term reverse image search? Well, it is a technique that allows, retrieve information through an image-based search. This effectively removes the need of the user to guess any keywords or descriptive Metadata that may or may not provide the required results.

Maybe you are a poster of an image looking to see those unauthorized people who have been using your image. Well, you’ll definitely want to know who the creepy secret admirer really is. Or you may be a graphic designer looking for a large version of a photograph. Its use may include the following:

  • Locate the source of the image on the image based search
  • Track down the content creator
  • Discover the web pages where the image appears
  • Get information about the given image

How to determine that the image is not copyrighted

One cannot just use an image without determining whether the poster of the image is willing to distribute or replicate the work. To avoid such issue be doubly-sure of the image source by doing the following:

  1. Conduct a reverse-search on the image: This allows you to have complete information about the owner of the picture and view where the picture has been posted.
  2. Visit the U.S copyright office or request an official report: Well, if you are rich enough to roughly spend about $160 for the search fees or more per hour also for a single image search then you’re welcome to use this option. If not, then I highly recommend option 1 (stated above) as it is more convenient.

Once the source is determined all you have to do is ask the owner for permission to use the image.

Benefits and limitations of reverse image lookup

Where image search is one of the most advanced search options for the internet, still there are some limitations besides its tons of advantages.


  1. It searches images in no time and is user-friendly. This software is accessible to a wide range of users without needing extensive training.
  2. Very useful to verify the source file of a photograph. Allowing users to search across a vast amount of HTML data, including social media sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, and Twitter.
  3. Allow sorting option like size, color, face, black and white, image type.
  4. Offers users the ability to discover an image by using image attributes instead of descriptive metadata.


  1. Some search results yield images that are no longer accessible to users for a variety of reasons; including links that are not active, also search engine optimization may impact the results.
  2. Images with less than 300 pixels per inch may produce inconsistent picture lookup.
  3. Few people can post your image on their blogs to give content to their articles with the wrong idea of lifting the owner’s image & sell it as their own art.

Working of Image Finder lookup tools

There are sites were finding certain detail about an image or knowing the location of an image is made easier. Many search engines are used. Let’s discuss come.
Google search:
The primarily used site to search-images and Introduced Fifteen years ago, having the largest data base as compared to the other websites. Possibility of finding a match to your image is extremely high.

Prepostseo :
One of the most accurate image lookup tool available on internet. it allows you to find similar images from different search engines.

They have developed their search tool in such way that users can easily use their picture lookup tool from their mobiles.

The product of a Toronto-based company and it has been widely used as a reverse image search engine with almost 14 billion images-indexed. Also used to track-down illegitimate use of copyrighted images or the ones were stolen. You can easily find this search engine on browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome which is good if you use such services on regular basis.
The largest search-engine of Russia & has its own reverse picture search tool. It supports file types i.e. GIF, JPG, PNG, or file size i.e. large, medium, small custom or wallpaper. Not much different than other search engines. Yandex can find you the results whether the image is given by a different source. Either the image is complete or a part of it.
Bing image search is also a featured search engine. The best part about this engine is its availability for mobile devices. Thus you don’t have the need to use the desktop mode like we need in Google search images.

Google reverse search using a different source

Google reverse search which is available in reverse photos is a convenient way to search images using any android phones, window phones, iPad, iPhones and all tablets. We can easily upload a picture from our device and Internet will show us similar images to our search. We can also verify
Whatsapp images, screenshots, and memes By the Help of reverse search tool. It is often used by travelers who submit the photo and easily get a hold of the location.

Google is a blessing which holds a vast amount of information which never disappoints us. Provides us with an independent use of information anywhere and at any time. This is the image of every user's mind while using Google. If something is not found on Google, it does not even exist. Google gives us this luxury.
The reverse image search is a technique that helps one user to effortlessly access to their desired results. Every program has its own pros and cons yet useful whenever needed. Having Google as a source to everything possible within a matter of seconds unlike dictionaries and encyclopedias, where a lot of time is taken for a single search.

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I am Nadeem Arsal, graphic designer at smallseotools, prepostseo and