The resume and structure of Chinese and English resumes are basically the same. However, English resumes cannot simply be copied from Chinese resumes. It is not enough to do translation work well.

English resumes should conform to the habits of English-speaking countries. The focus of English resumes is on Keywords and Action Words, which can best represent your quality.

Principles of translating Chinese resume into English resume:

Elements of English Resume: A complete English resume is generally composed of personal details, education, and experience.

Personal information

In the Chinese resume, the personal information section may contain information such as domicile, date of birth, marital status, etc., but this information does not need to appear in the English resume. English resumes generally only need to list basic information such as name, email address, contact address, and contact information. The part of the name can be directly replaced by the pinyin of the Chinese name. If you are not sure, do not use your own English name to avoid making a joke. At the same time, pay attention to the differences between Chinese and English when writing addresses. The order of Chinese addresses is from large to small, while English is from small to large, and the middle should be separated by commas.

️ experience

  1. Use "backtracking" when describing experiences, that is, first write the most recent work experience, and then write the previous work experience (if you are a student and have no work experience, you can write your own internship experience or project experience).
  2. Use the past tense to describe your work experience. At the same time, you should use as few complete sentences as possible, instead of using I or My sentences, use verbs or noun structures to describe your experience. Such as:

My duties were to compose, revise and proofread corporate communications and marketing materials.

This sentence should be changed to the verb structure in the resume:

Composed, revised and proofread corporate communications and marketing materials. At the same time, pay attention to the consistency of the expression structure.

  1. When describing your achievements, you should use specific numbers to make it clear, and try to avoid many vague terms such as many and much.


Education background information should also be used "backtracking", the latest academic information should be put at the front. The educational experience is generally written only for undergraduate and above. Educational background information can list GPAs, scholarships, published papers, and other academic achievements.

The application of English resumes is becoming a rising trend, and it has also become an important bargaining chip for candidates. Although a fine English resume will win more job opportunities for job seekers, some job seekers will have problems with grammatical errors, miswritten words, incomplete expressions, etc. in their resumes due to limited English application ability Expose his flaws, and let himself miss the opportunity.

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