A statistic recently came out that 63 million Americans have a Net Worth of $0. One-fifth of our population is now barely surviving. I find this to be absolutely unacceptable, being that this country also has such extraordinary wealth.

To this end I am promoting the concept of Change = Opportunity to help people understand that although things don't work they way they used to work, there is actually the most extraordinary opportunity right now to create your own reality and live according to your own dreams and goals.

How is this possible? Well, it's a factor of evolution, really, but evolution with a forced hand. So much of the work we did for a hundred years has either been automated or exported in just the past couple decades. This has people scratching their heads and wondering, "what next?"

There is a POWERFUL change happening, but you need to be "in the flow, in the know" in order to have access to and take advantage of these changes.

So I ask that you open your mind and free yourself of negative thoughts; release the pressure of survival for as much time as you can each day. Then, start imagining what you have to offer that will improve your family, community, and society in general. What is unique about you that you can turn into an online business? What skills and experience do you have that you can offer as a gift to the world?

Stop asking how you can "get" and start imagining how you can "give" because truly, this is the only path to personal and financial freedom.

So many people have changed their mindsets and have become extraordinary online entrepreneurs - this is where all the action is happening right now. So free your mind! Create space for positivity and progress in your life! Dream of how wonderful your life should be!

Then, start taking action to make that dream come to life. That's what my new book and program are all about - helping people to dream and achieve. So if you need help making it to the next level, join us for The Art of Personal Transformation!

Author's Bio: 

Meg Montgomery is a musician, entrepreneur, author, environmentalist, mother and much more - and she has developed a powerful system to help people THRIVE in the changing world. You can find out more at http://www.artofpersonaltransformation.com.