Most people answer the question “do you want to be rich” with a resounding YES. But they don’t do anything differently than most of their friends that are not rich, not are anywhere close to becoming rich.

They simply lead normal lives just like other people, without taking almost any risks, or even if they get bold enough to take a risk and they fail, they can’t make themselves try again for a long time to come.

This mindset is pretty much the exact opposite of how rich people think.

Rich people know that their fate is on them

It is easy to pray to god or any other deity thinking that they control the universe and that every single little thing bends to their will, or to relax and say that it’s all predestined.

Rich people realize that, even if this were the truth, they can still impact their individual lives to a great extent.

If you believe it is all predestined and are lazy and do nothing because of it, you will never get any good results. Maybe destiny wanted you to try your best and succeed?

Rich people take risks

Rich people realize that they will fail, and that they will fail often until they succeed. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times until he got the light bulb right. What if he said at attempt number 2 or 20 or 200 that he better quit, as he will never make a good light bulb?

I imagine the world we live in today wouldn’t be the same.

Taking risks is a must. The only way to truly fail, the only way that makes sure failure is the only option - is to never even try.

Rich people focus on the positive

When many failures that inevitably happen it is easy to focus on the negative. But here’s the kicker:

When you never try, you are not satisfied with yourself as you know you got so much potential just beaming out of you, but it’s unfulfilled.

When you give your best, even if you fail, you will feel immense satisfaction, as you will know that you have done everything you could. And hey, maybe you even succeed!

Rich people are happy

This one is kind of a no brainer. When you are happy, satisfied and are fulfilling your potential, you attract not just other people like that into your life, but other opportunities as well.

When you are miserable and unhappy, guess what you attract into your life? If you said that you are inviting more misery, unhappiness and status quo into your life – you were right.
In order to truly be happy you need to constantly seek out new challenges and go after them. It is easy to imagine that once you do this or that, you will be happy.

It is simply not the case – that is a temporary fix, as when you achieve something you want something else entirely.

True happiness is in the journey, not the destination. So start traveling, and have a happy and fulfilled life.

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Christopher Montrose writes about all kinds of self help topics. This time he is caught writing about the way rich people think.

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