In order to succeed in wholesale jewelry business the wholesalers will have to take lead from others. Taking lead will generate ultimate profits as the demand of particular jewelry wholesaler will increase. But the question is how to take that lead? First of all, wholesale jewelry suppliers should adopt new designs and styles.

In the market, almost all different wholesalers follow the settled trends and they don’t try to bring anything innovative for their clients. In order to make the jewelry products novel and innovative, the wholesaler should bring new designs, styles and fashion and forward his demand to manufacturers. To do so, wholesaler should hire a professional designer who should have expertise in designing new styles of jewelry items.

Finding the right fashion designer is a difficult and expensive task as expert designers demand huge salaries and are difficult to find. But the idea of hiring fashion designer will give jewelry wholesaler an edge from which he can take lead. After designing new styles the wholesale jewelry supplier should adopt unique marketing tactics which will give him a competitive edge.

Unique marketing techniques are of various kinds and there is a lot of diversity in them. From the perspective of the wholesalers, the important techniques are push marketing strategy and pull marketing strategy. In push marketing the wholesaler markets his products to the retailers and the retailers further market those products to the end consumers.

Pull strategy, on the other hand is expensive as in this, the wholesalers directly market their jewelry products to end customers and then the customers ask and somewhat pressurize the retailers to make that particular products available on their outlets. This strategy, as mentioned earlier, is quite an expensive one but yield far better results than the Push Strategy. By adequately adopting these strategies, a wholesaler can easily take lead from other wholesalers as his products will be demanded more in the market then any other products.

If you, as a wholesaler, have enough budgets and can afford heavy and expensive marketing then you can target T.V media by producing and broadcasting ads. Ads can star popular personalities like sportsmen, stars, models and celebrity wearing your jewelry products. By doing this you will become trend setter and the public in general will love to have your jewelry products. If a jewelry wholesaler adopts above mentioned techniques than he can for sure take lead from his competitors and earn big profits.

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William King is the director of UK Suppliers, Wholesale Jewelry UK and UK Wholesalers . He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.