I quit teaching after seventeen years and decided to decided to get really committed to my goal, which was to get rich in real estate, and do whatever it took to fulfill on it. If I were to give three essential tips that guarantee your success in real estate today, it would be these:

1. Make your real estate aspiration your passion; turn every thing you do into a labor of love. Understand that those who win big are willing to do the things that others are not willing to do. They are willing to go the extra mile, knowing that every step of the extra mile is taking them closer to their goal. When you attitude is right, you find yourself with limitless sources of fresh power to keep going.

When I get involved in a new real estate venture, I court it likes it’s a beautiful lady. I find out everything I need to know so I can do what I need to do to hear, “yes, yes, yes.” Let’s look at the mechanics of success in any endeavor – it’s a series of yes’s.

2. Consider it a spiritual adventure, and consider yourself a grand wizard that can make things happen. When I met Arnold Schwarzenegger years ago, he spoke of how he considered his biceps mountains peaks. He would wet his fingertips with his tongue, and tap the top of his biceps. It was always ‘the spirit of the endeavor’ that had him breakthrough to new heights in bodybuilding, and then in Hollywood, and then in politics. It is the strong of mind that are effective in the world.

Whenever I purchase a house for rehab, I stand on the outside and imagine how beautiful it will look when I am finished with it. I then wet my fingertips with my tongue and tap the entrance door as I enter. I proceed to go from room to room performing the same ritual – imagining what it will look like fully renovated and tap one of the walls with my wet fingertips. Sound zany? The happy fact is that you can master the art of precise decisions, and fulfill on your vision, when you make it a ritual. The more bazaar the ritual, the quicker it is grabbed by the mind.

3. Make your project a win/win/win. I truly believe that I assure myself winning projects when I do what I feel is best for me, and is best for everyone else concerned. I want to buy the real estate at the right price, but I also want to seller to feel good about the price that we agree on. And, when I complete a renovation and decide to sell it, I want the new buyer to be excited and appreciative about the house and the price.

I have completed many multi-million dollar projects ahead of time and under budget because I learned how to turn a molehill of effective action into a mountain of results. It begins with the Power of WOW. I set out to have everyone concerned with the project say, “WOW!” I am Wonderfully Obsesses with Winning, and I consistently win when everyone else feels like they, too, have won. This is not a fairy tale; it’s reality if you allow it to be.

You can turn to dozens of ‘How To Get Rich in Real Estate’ books that will give you the basics. I’ve been in the business for years, and have made millions. I am giving you the inside scoop. Do the work before the work. Do the inner work that enables you to tap into your many powers – the power of persistence, the power of resilience, the power of concentrated effort – and then you will have the certainty that you need to go out there in the world and do the work to succeed.

Rob White is an author, motivational coach and story-teller. Visit him online at www.robwhitemedia.com.

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Rob White is the author of "A Second Chance At Success" (Mind Adventure, Inc.). Rob was a teacher for over seventeen years and ultimately decided he needed a change to feel more fulfilled. He started a real estate business and through his determination and passion made millions. Rob White wants to share the things he has learned in life in the hopes of helping others achieve their dreams and goals. Learn more at robwhitemedia.com