Ignore the temper tantrum:

Ignore the temper tantrum and let the child stop themselves. This will teach your 2 year old that throwing a temper tantrum will not give them extra attention they are looking for.

Maintain your calm:

The dynamic is pretty simple. Child wants cookie. Parent says no. Child wants to change parent’s mind, so she puts on a display. This is important to remember: the sole purpose of this display is to get you to GIVE IN.

Do not pacify or scold:

Let her carry on rolling around on the floor. Do not try to pacify her as it amounts to rewarding. Do not scold her and say anything.

The goal is to give her no attention, no feedback, no reward for as long as she is making a fuss.

Do not smack:

Smacking conveys three messages: 1. that you are out of control 2.that hitting is an acceptable behavior 3. Those feelings should be suppressed and not vented.

Avoid situations likely to trigger tantrums:

If your child begs for toys or treats when you shop, steer clear of temptations.

Give Time-out:

The time-out has a calming effect for both of you. Get your spouse or other responsible person to look after the child while you calm down.

Remember that your child's tantrum is NOT necessarily a way to "get his way", but could be the result of frustration, lack of needed attention from you, or even a physical problem, like pain or digestive problems! Find out the real cause and that could solve his problem.

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