Is life chucking you a few hurdles to contend with? Is your mind burdened with worrying thoughts?

Life can be demanding at the best of times, and it's easy to find yourself in a never ending cycle of stress and anxiety, fueled by worry.

However, burying your head in the sand will only mean the problems manifest and further burden you. You need to take action now to resolve the problems that are weighing you down. That's why today you're going to learn some practical tips for living a worry free life.

#1 Focus On Acceptance

The first step is to accept your situation. Even if it seems beyond your control, constantly worrying over it will resolve nothing. Once you accept the situation you'll lift the burden of worry, helping you to achieve peace of mind.

#2 Focus On Solutions

Once you've accepted your situation you can work towards solutions. Instead of feeling powerless to amend the situation you can feel at peace knowing you are taking action. Start by writing down your problem and then create a mind-map where you branch off of the problem and write solutions.

#3 Be More Mindfulness

As stated, worrying really resolves nothing so avoid living in the past or fretting over the future. Strive to live for the moment - the here and now because that's all that really matters. The past cannot be changed and the future has yet to happen. In fact, the future is shaped by today so embrace each day as it comes.

#4 Stay Organized

It's important to organize your life and manage your time better to reduce the chance of stress and worry. Manage your finances, personal life and work life accordingly and ensure you're getting adequate rest and relaxation in between busy schedules.

#5 Worst Case Scenario

What's the worst case scenario from your situation. Our thoughts and worry can often manifest and you'll usually find the worst case scenario isn't actually so bad! In fact, I think it was Dale Carnegie who quoted "accept the worst possible outcome and then take action to improve upon the worst." That's pretty sound advice.

#6 Keep Yourself Busy

The best way to stop the mind from worrying is to keep it occupied. This is particularly useful if you are engaging in productive activities which make you feel good. So, rather than sit around letting your thoughts fester, grab a pen and paper and make a to-do list and then get going on your to-do list.

#7 Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises can really help to center you and ease the mind of worry and wayward thoughts. Breathing exercises alone serve well as a means to calm the mind and body when you're feeling anxious and stressed but, you should make time daily to quietly meditate for 15 minutes also.

#8 Keep A Journal

Journals are a great way to monitor your thoughts and feelings. Even just writing your worries down in black and white can bring a sense of relief. A journal can also help you better determine the difficulties that are really fueling your worry.

#9 Ask For Help

Sometimes a third party opinion can help put a new perspective on things, you may even discover solutions to your problems that you hadn't thought of before. So, confide in someone you know and trust and share your worry. Doing so may be just what you need to make a breakthrough.

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