Children try to express emotions that they cannot yet put into words in this form. Perhaps they are experimenting. Sometimes it is an act of defense.

In another case it is an emotion of frustration. Here is what you can do in 3 easy steps to stop children from biting.

1. Avoid rewarding the misbehavior:

If your child bites you, don't laugh even if it doesn't hurt, and don't give him any kind of positive reinforcement that could lead to his biting anyone else.

2. Reward Good behavior:

It is always better to teach and reward good behavior. It encourages and prompts the child to behave well as the child is getting appreciation.

3. React immediately:

If your child bites another child in a quarrel over a toy, remove the toy and don't let him play with it for a while. If he bites you because you will not give him a candy bar, make it clear that there will be no more candy bars until the biting behavior stops.

4. Remove your child from the situation:

If your child bites another person, take him aside and deal with the problem promptly. Ask your child to apologize and make it clear that if he doesn’t apologize he will not be allowed to play once again.

5. Teach words to replace the biting:

Toddlers typically bite because they haven't developed the verbal skills to communicate their needs or frustrations. So teach your child words to do so.

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